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Ashlyn Harris Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Ashlyn Michelle Harris is a 35 years old American professional soccer player. She was born on 19th October 1985 in Satellite Beach, Orlando, Florida. The Hazel eyed player is a goalkeeper of Orlando Pride, a team of National Women’s Soccer League.

Ashlyn Harris Career Details

Ashlyn initially played soccer for University of North Carolina on the college team. She also played for the US under 19 women. That was Ashlyn’s first national team before she got exposure to several others. Ashlyn has played for several professional teams including Pali Blues (2009), Washington Freedom (2010), FCR 2001 Duisburg (2012-2013), Washington Spirit (2013-2015) and others.

Ashlyn soccer journey has taken her to many countries around the world. She has played in Mexico, Denmark, France, Canada, Thailand, etc.

Ashlyn Harris Net Worth

Sources have estimated that Ashlyn’s net worth is US$ 1 million.

Ashlyn Harris Family Details And Ethnicity

Ashlyn is of white ethnicity. Her parents are Mike Harris and Tammye Harris. Ashley also has a brother called Chris Harris. Ashlyn has often stated that she has seen drug and substance related abuse in her family. It is a sad part of her history.

Ashlyn Harris Dating History And Marriage Details

Ashlyn is a lesbian and had been in a relationship with Ali Kreiger. Ali is her teammate from Orlando Pride and the two had been dating since 2010.

Ashlyn Harris Spouse And Kids

Ashlyn and Ali got married in December 2019 in Florida.

Ashlyn along with Ali adopted a daughter earlier this year. They named her Sloane Phillips. She was born on 12th February 2021.

Ashlyn Harris Body Measurements

Ashlyn’s height is 5 ft 9 inches and she weighs 66 kg.

Quick Facts About

  • Ashlyn’s hobbies include reading, watching basketball and football.
  • Ashlyn was only 16 years old when she played for USA in the 2002 FIFA U-19 Women’s World Cup.
  • The soccer player loves tattoos. Ashlyn has multiple tattoos on both her arms and other parts of her body as well. She feels the pain that arises from them is a good kind of pain. She has said that such pain makes her feel alive.
  • Ashley’s jersey number is 24.
  • The hazel eyed goalkeeper likes experimenting with fashion. It is apparently her childhood habit. Ashlyn likes to play around with costume jewelry and designer clothes and come up with her own creation. She calls it her individuality touch.
  • Ashlyn has her own T-shirt line.
  • The soccer player has had along association with brands like Umbro and BMW. In fact when Ashlyn and Ali got married, BMW gifted its brand-new, black 2020 model car to the couple. Ashlyn thanked the company on her Instagram handle with an appreciation post.
  • Ashlyn is involved in social work as well. She has been working with To Write Love on Her Arms, a non-profitable organization that helps those affected with depression, alcohol addiction, suicidal tendencies and need rehabilitation. Ashlyn found the work being done by this foundation a purpose close to home. It reminded her of the days she had to suffer as a result of her family’s drug and alcohol addictions. Her work for the social cause has earned her fans off the field too. She has often had people coming up to her and thank her for changing their lives/reforming their situation.
  • As a child, the American soccer player was very aggressive. It was not only while playing soccer but otherwise too. She was given therapy sessions with a sports psychologist which eventually helped calm her down.
  • Ashlyn has been on the receiving end of many injuries in her career. She has also missed out on professional opportunities as a result of that. Very early on in her career, the year being 2006, Ashly suffered two ACL injuries. She again suffered quadriceps injury in 2017 during a tournament. The injury was close to her hip area. Ashley was taken off the sport for 8 weeks.

Ashlyn Harris Professional Accolades

  • Ashlyn has played for USA in three victorious World Cups. She was on the 2002 FIFA U-19 Women’s team, the 2015 and 2019 FIFA Women’s team all three of which won in their respective years.
  • Ashlyn won the WPS Goalkeeper of the Year in 2011.
  • Ashlyn won the NWSL Goalkeeper of the Year in 2016.

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