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Barnwood Builders Graham Ferguson Bio, Age, Family, Wife, Career, Net Worth

Graham Ferguson is well-known for his casting in Barnwood Builders. You surely have watched him in Barnwood Builders if you follow the show. Some details information about him we will discuss today.

Graham Ferguson Profession And Career Details

He was not there on the first episodes. Gradually he appeared and grabbed the minds of the viewers. He has the character of Mark, a former coal miner. The crew purchase old barns and log cabins. Later on, they changed it too excellent modern buildings. DIY Network later changed to Barnwood Builders with some new face with new cast.

Graham Ferguson Family And Wife

He has pure feelings for his wife, Shanon Murfey. But he loves to keep his private conjugal life away from public. So they enjoy their love life privately. His wife is so supportive and caring towards him. They just love exploring newer things. So they are seen to visit different countries and states.

A very amazing thing about this couple is they try to do some social works together. Likewise, they help neglected and abused children in Spa City. But like his private things, he keeps to like his good things hidden. Sometimes, they mingle with the stars and greet them with pleasure.
He has children, but how many children he has is not known. He does not easily open up about his family life at all.

Graham Ferguson Net Worth

Graham surely works hard for his profession. This Hardworking Hillibilli likes to keep his total income and net worth hidden as well.

So, no information has leaked about his net worth or yearly income. He himself does not want to disclose. But according to the sources, he gets a real good amount with DIY Network contract and other works.

Graham Ferguson Early Life

Ferguson used to work as an independent landscaper. Because of mark Bowe, he got into the show. Their kids attended the same school. He entered the show in 2013. He talked to mark about his urge. Mark pacified him being a good pal.

Months passed by, but there was no ray of hope for Ferguson. Finally he was introduced to audience as ‘The Rookie’ and never did he need to look back.

He deals with some dangerous animals like snacks or python. Graham captures them, and later sets them free. In the show, he also works on Boy Scout Lodge. They worked as a team. As well as, the kids have a good bond with him.

Graham’s background is from a rancher’s family. That makes him hard-working and passionate. His toil on his family’s firm helped him to learn a lot. Now he passes this lesson to his offspring.


Graham’s attitude is not like a star. He is soft-spoken and kind-hearted man. He loves the company of his family and his daughter. He is not only a great man on-screen, but also off-screen.

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