Benefits Of Hot Shower Vs Cold Shower To Your Health

Almost everyone prefers hot shower, especially during the winter season. Now there is a huge difference between hot and the cold shower. A hot shower can have positive effects on the overall health. In few critical cases, doctor also recommends taking hot shower.

What can be so great about taking a hot shower?

Taking a hot shower can have numerous benefits like reducing stress, getting rid of bacteria, reducing pain, treating high blood pressure, helping in losing weight, promoting good sleep, etc.

For people who find difficulty in sleeping or relaxing, hot shower can be a great choice. A hot shower is also recommended because it relaxes the muscle.

Let’s have a quick look on the benefits of hot shower in detail and why one should take a hot shower.

  • Helps in lowering stress

Today, almost everyone suffers through headaches due to stress and anxiety. This stress and anxiety result in the stiffness of muscles which also causes back ache and neck pain. That’s why hot showers are recommended for those who are suffering from stress and depression. Hot showers relaxes the mind and improve the level of oxytocins, which enhances the mood and reduces the stress level.

  • Helps in treating high blood pressure
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People who are suffering from high blood pressure can get number of benefits from hot showers. It improve the blood circulation of the body, which means that the rate of oxygen in the body increases thereby strengthening the heart. Hot shower also helps in lowering blood pressure and preventing heart diseases, cholesterol, coronary artery diseases, etc.

  • Promotes good sleep

People suffer from stress and anxiety which not only causes muscle stiffness but also results in lack of sleep. According to few studies, lack of proper sleep can change the entire metabolism. Sleeping is an essential part of our daily routine, it is required to boost the productivity. Lack of sleep can result in fatigue and exhaustion. If a person is not getting 8 hours of sleep, he will feel drained and eventually will fall sick. Hot shower helps in relaxing the muscles. When the muscle is loosened up and relaxed, it is easy to fall asleep.

  • Eliminates bacteria
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Our body is daily exposed to harsh conditions of weather. Who knows when we get attacked by bacteria and germs. That’s why hot water is recommended. Bacteria cannot withstand high temperatures and hence taking a hot shower can help our body to get rid of bacteria. Hot showers can kill disease-causing germs and bacteria thus reducing the chance of infection or any disease.

  • Helps in losing weight

Hot showers can be great choice if your determined to lose weight. In fact, a study claimed that 20 to 30 minutes of exposure to warm water can result in the loss of weight.

  • Reduces body pain

Today, everyone is engaged in some kind of sports activities like cricket, football, etc. Such athletes are prone to sports injuries like a meniscus tear, fractures, cramps, etc. These injuries take time for recovery. Also, after workout, people suffer from back pain and soreness. In these cases hot shower can be an effective way to reduce body pain.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease which means that the immune system of our body starts attacking the joints itself. It results in warm, swollen and inflamed joints. Generally it affects hand and feet but in some cases it can also affect different parts of the body which can lead to low blood cell count, heart problem, loss of teeth, etc. Taking a hot shower has shown an effective result in reducing inflammation and swelling caused due to arthritis.

  • A great alternative for warming up
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As you know, before doing any physical workout, it is recommended to do warm-up exercises like stretching and heat up your body. Alternatively, taking a hot shower can also be counted as a warm-up exercise. The outcome of a hot shower has been shown similar to that of after warm-up exercise.


Overall, hot showers are beneficial for your health. That’s why you should add a hot bath as a part of your daily routine. As discusses above, hot showers can boost your blood circulation which ultimately boosts the immune system of our body and protects our body from any foreign germs and bacteria. These showers can improve sleep and keep our mind free from stress and depression.

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