Bill Goldberg Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Married, Wife, Son, Net Worth, Family

Bill Scott Goldberg, one of the greatest Wrestlers in the history of Professional wrestling with a net worth of $14 million dollars by the end of 2020. He is a former footballer, an actor, a commentator, a mixed martial artist and a family man.

Bill Goldberg Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

Bill Goldberg was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was graduated from Tulsa Edison High School and was a bouncer at the age of 16.

Goldberg’s mother, Ethel, grew a breed of flower and created an award-winning orchid which she named after his son, Goldberg.

Jed was the father of Goldberg, who studied at Harvard University. He was a gynecologist and an obstetrician. Goldberg’s parents divorced and Jed died in late 2006.

Bill Goldberg is an animal welfare advocate. He also addressed the United States Congress to raise awareness about illegal animal fighting. He had also participated in many Classic Golf championships.
Football career:

Bill Goldberg was very fond of football from his early life. In the 1990 draft, he was selected by Los Angeles Rams in the 11th round from the overall 301st selection. He played NFL from 1990-96. His career ended when he was badly injured. He had torn his lower abdomen off his pelvis.

Bill Goldberg Career Details

Awarded with titles and awards, the former WWE Champion has many achievements in his resume including his NFL tenure, undefeated WWE streaks in 1997-98, Two-time United States Heavyweight Champion, One-time WCW World Tag Team Champion Teaming with Bret Hart and his return to WWE in 2016 won him WCW World Heavyweight championship.
He had an undefeated winning streak of 173-0. To his bad luck, Kevin Nash defeated him in 173-1 and became the first wrestler in WCW to defeat Bill Goldberg.

Since then, he was defeated in many matches. Most recently, in 2019, he was defeated in his match against The Undertaker at Super Showdown WWE.

Over the years, he had bagged many championships in his tenure.

Bill Goldberg Career In Film And Media

In 1999, during his working in WWE, Bill Goldberg tried his luck in acting. His special appearance in the music video of The Universal Soldier: The Return.

In 2005, he also appeared in Adam Sandler’s movie The Longest Yard. The same year he was the host of the History Channel documentary series Auto-Maniac and later starred in the movie Santa’s Slay, a thriller/drama film Half Past Dead 2.
In 2017, Goldberg made his first appearance in the fifth season of The Goldberg.

He also starred in the movie American Satan in 2017 as the bodyguard of a heavy metal band called The Relentless.

Bill Goldberg Dating History And Marriage Details

While performing the Santa’s slaying bill Goldberg met his wife Wanda Ferraton. She was a stunt double in that movie. They married on April 10, 2005 and now live in Bonsall, California.

They have a son together named Gage A.J. Goldberg, born on May 10th, 2016. Some reports have confirmed that his son was the only reason why he came back to WWE RAW in October 2016.

He had also made a speech for his family, saying;

I never thought I’d be in this ring again. So, thank you for the humble return what makes it so special is that my wife and my son are here to see me live for the first time ever.

Gage is a huge fan of wrestling but he had never seen him performing in the ring.

Bill Goldberg Net Worth

Goldberg was one of a highest paid athlete in his time in WCW, making $3 million a year and was offered a huge salary when he joined the WWE.

His net worth can be estimated through his salary. Putting it all together, he had an annual salary of $1,647,059.
During his previous runs, his salary in WWE was also in seven figures. His appearances in Saudi Arabia earned him a seven figures salary.

According to some reports, in the 2019 Super Showdown, a one-off match earned him close to $2 million dollars from that single match alone.

It is now safe to say that Bill Goldberg has earned a lot of money over the years. His net worth is expected to be $14 million dollars as of 2020.

Goldberg owns the Muay Thai the Extreme Power Gym and amateur boxing training arena in Oceanside.
He owns almost 28 vintage cars which include Shelby Cobra 427, Mustang Boss 429, Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible and Lawman that was used in the Vietnam War by U.S Army.

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