Bill O’Reilly Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Parents, Kids, Married Divorce

William James O’Reilly Jr. know as Bill O’Reilly is an American journalist born on 10th of September 1949. Bill is presently an author & former journalist & television host where is anchored many shows on multiple networks. She was quite prominent on radio networks too where he was appearing daily on radio too & was becoming the voice of America at that time.

Bill O’Reilly Parents And Siblings

His mother’s name is Winifred Angela Drake O’Reilly & father’s name is William James O’Reilly Sr. both living in New York in a small apartment where Bill was born. He has one sister too naming Janet who is younger to bill.

Bill O’Reilly Body Measurements

Bill is a tall guy standing almost 1.93m in height with a weight of almost 90 KG.

Bill O’Reilly Education Details

Bill was an intellectual student of his time. Bill completed his graduation in 1971 from London & later to Miami & completed his masters in journalism where he mainly focused more on politics and political culture in 1973 from Boston University.

Bill O’Reilly Career Details

Bill started his career by writing news content for various newspapers later was hired by FOX television as a correspondent & journalist. He hosted & anchored many television shows on ABC & CNN internationals. with a successful career over the radio where he was appearing daily on radio and almost the largest number of listeners at that time. Bill mainly got the popularity through this show naming O’Reilly factor on FOX in the year of 1996 which was active till April 2017.

Bill on his various shows mainly emphasized on politics and topics related to it. He was more prominent in these topics, resulting in people started liking his ideology and the prospects that he was delivering.

On the other hand, he was also more interested in writing, thus has written many good books on various subjects. He started his career in writing in the year 2001 where his book on Killing Lincoln was the more popular rated books he written. He even got good reviews on the other book he wrote was The DAY The President was Shot.

Bill O’Reilly Net Worth

Net worth of Bill O’Reilly has been estimated around $85M. His all earnings are mainly through the career of journalism.

Bill O’Reilly Married Life

Bill was married in the year 1996 to Maureen McPhilmy. But unfortunately this relationship ended after 15 long years where they were separated for almost 8 years. During this period Maureen was fighting for the legal custody of her kids which she later won in the year 2011 & now she is the legal owner of the kid’s custody.

Bill claimed that Maureen was having an extra-marital affair which resulted in their divorce. Maureen was in relationship with a guy naming Jeffery Gross which she later married him after their divorce.

Bill O’Reilly Kids

Couple had two kids naming Madeline & Spencer. Both the kids after their parents’ divorce are living with their mother Maureen.

Bill O’Reilly Controversy

Bill had to pay a settlement of $32m to a lady naming Lis who was a legal analyst for FOX for sexual harassment while he had his contract signed with FOX in the year 2017. The complete was dwelt internally on financial basis which both the parties agreed upon.

Later Bill even said the charges that were imposed were way to high as they should be. But the accused had strong proofs over Bill where he could not manage to do anything except accepting the terms that were imposed upon.

After all the controversies he was in with his ex-wife Maureen & the sexual harassment controversy, he still has made his career quite well and people do know him for his clear and strong thoughts over politics and all the topics related to it.

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