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Bill Tush is a news journalist and humorist in America. He is known for the shows “The Bill Tush Show”, “Down to Earth” and “The Rising Son”.

Bill Tush Bio: Age, Early Life

Tush was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on October 16, 1948. He is 72 years old.

Bill Tush Career Details

In 1965, Tush began his career as a radio disk jockey in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. He hosted the station’s Mid-Morning Polka Party. He was a disk jockey for 9 years. After that, his radio career landed him in Atlanta, Georgia in 1974. Where eventually, he would join Ted Turner at his local television station, WTCG, channel 17. Tush became a jack of many trades when WTCG evolved into SuperStation WTBS. He started doing voice overs of station promos and identifications, appeared in commercials, hosted movies and read the news at 3 am. At the time, Ted Turner jokingly commented, “we have a 100% share at this time”. Tush often read the news with Rex, his co-anchor.

Due to the cult popularity of sarcastic newscasts, Ted Turner gave Bill Tush his comedy sketch show in 1980, Called Tush. The cast included newcomers Jan Hooks and Bonnie and Terry Turner. The program aired at 12.05 am Eastern time on Friday and Saturday nights and it was an hour-long. The show ceased production just one year later. But it aired again on May 28, 1983. Its old timeslot was filled by a six-hour music video program the following week. Later that year, Tush made a comedic appearance in a Night Tracks sales presentation video playing an investigative reporter. Turner dispatched Tush to Hollywood to host a new entertainment show, People Now, on Turner’s new CNN channel after Tush had no further work at WTBS. Tush became a senior entertainment correspondent for CNN in 1993 and went to New York City to host Showbiz Today.

In 2003, Tush retired from Turner Broadcasting System to pursue other interests, including writing and producing. He returned to Atlanta, where he originally obtained fame.

Bill Tush was a comic fixture on Ted Turner’s SuperStation Channel 17 for 30 years. But all of it wouldn’t have been true if not for his moment in 1974 when he walked into a struggling Tv station and asked for a job there.

“One weekend I was watching this local television station that ran all these great movies but they were in such bad shape. They were scratchy I remember, but they were all the old great Black and White films that I have always loved,” Bill said. “I was hooked on this television station. But the station was so bad I thought I could get a job there.”

Luckily for Bill, he walked into the station just after the station’s previous voice-over announcer had quit. That moment there launched a career on what would become the nation’s first cable SuperStation. Ted Turner had the novel idea in 1976 to bounce the signal of off a new satellite technology into homes across America. Most cited in America those days had three stations and also an educational station and an independent station. WTBS became a hit in households across the country when SuperStation appeared as a much smaller menu of cable selection. Bill was working on WGST-AM radio before joining channel 17. He was hired for a one-hour-a-day job for 50 dollars a week.
Bill Tush made a public appearance on September 12, 2009. At Atlanta’s Variety Playhouse to introduce Darryl Rhoades.

Tush traveled to Nigeria in 2014 to help launch a television station. He returned to Atlanta in 2015. Upon his return, he was catching up with his old friend and a legendary Atlanta theater owner George LeFont.

George said that he was seeking a new theater manager for LeFont Sandy Springs. Tush volunteered himself.

LeFont retired in 2017 and the new owner Brandt Gully spent $3 million of his own money to overhaul the 30-year-old eighteen-screen operation. There was nothing left from the original theater. Gully decided to keep Tush. “I like him a lot as a person,” Gully said.

I trust him. He’s reliable and a hard worker.

Bill Tush Net Worth

The Net Worth of Bill Tush is around 13 million dollars.

Bill Tush Wife

Bill Tush is married to a beautiful woman named Lisa. We do not have much information about her.

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