Bone Spur In the neck treatments methods

A condition where one feels pain in the neck is called borne spurs. Poor posture and arthritis can cause growth of extra bony at the edge of joint, ligaments and bones that are called the bone spurs. Overtime bone spur can develop gradually causing soreness of restricting the neck movement.
For symptomatic bone spur there are some possible treatments that one can undergo.

The treatment of Bone Spur in the Neck

The main aim of the bone spur treatment is to remove the strain in the neck region that is affected by the bone spur and also to manage the pain of the patient.

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One needs a doctor’s advice when they experience the symptoms of any pain in the neck or the bone spur. An x-ray can be done to determine the presence of the bone spur.

Besides from taking full medication, a physician can also find out the treatment option that one may need in the current condition one is.
Some bone spur in the neck treatment that are common include;

  • A doctor may recommend some medication like anti-inflammatory, muscles relaxer and pain relievers when one experience some minor ache from the bone spur.
  • Core strengthening and physical therapy may also help to restore the strength to weak bones and joints and also flexibility
  • Resistance can be created in the affected area of the neck if one performs rotational and resist exercise.
  • Instant relief of pain can be reduced by application of heat or ice.When one limit rest can also help a lot.
  • One may require surgery because the bone spur limit the movement of a person and the pain can be removed.
  • Some stretching techniques like Pilates or yoga may be recommended and also some life styles which will depend on the patient’s condition.

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