Bone Spur methods in shoulder treatment

Before going into details we need to look first hat is bone spur, causes and the symptoms that a person may experience. Chronic stress can cause bone spur in the shoulder and it last for a very long time. Unless one go to do an x-ray evaluation bone spur is undiscovered and asymptomatic

Treatments of bone spur in the shoulder

The following are some of the best methods that can be used in treating it

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is always advisable if the anti –inflammatory measures does not work and one needs it for six to seven weeks. Modalities are used by the therapist like heat, ice, ultrasound for reducing inflation and electric stimulation.

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In a patient in order to increase the range of flexibility and motion massage and stretching is very important. In the physical therapy stretching exercises is used to increase the stability of the joint stability that forms the final facet.

Losing a considerable Amount of weight

If the main cause of bone spur in the shoulder is obesity then the best treatment is losing some considerable weight. It is good because it will prevent exasperation of the condition.

In most cases if one lose weight it will prevent extra pressure applied on the bone spur and also one will avoid pain that can get worse at any time.

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Anti-inflammatory Measures

Taking ice for at least twenty minute after an exercise is very important because it is considered to be the basic treatment of bone spur in the shoulder. It will help decrease or prevent any formation of inflammation.

Over –the –counter anti- inflammatory medication may also be recommended by the physician. In case the medication does not work then the physician may prescribe a stronger medication.

Injection of anti-inflammatory drug like cortisone some patients use it for the bone spur in the shoulder. Surgery is the last method that one can prefer to take however it is only used if the methods are ineffective.

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