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Brad Stevens’ Wife Tracy Wilhelmy Stevens Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Age

Brad Stevens is one of the most successful basketball coaches of all time. He is famous for the composition and successful wins for his teams. This puts almost everyone around him under the limelight, more so his beloved wife Tracy Wilhelmy. We know a lot about Brad and his achievements but how much do you know about Tracy Wilhelmy? What is her life with Brad like? How much does she earn? What does she do? Age, weight, and height? Does she have children?

Today’s article will enlighten you on all you need to know about Brad Stevens’ wife, Tracy Wilhelmy.

Tracy Wilhelmy Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents, Education Details

Teresa Jewe Wilhelmy (Tracy Wilhelmy) was born Oct 7th, 1976 to Mary Kay and Albert Wilhelmy. She and her siblings grew up in Rocky River, Ohio. In 1995, Tracy graduated from Rocky River Highschool and went to DePauw University.

She was really good at soccer. As the team captain, she took her team to their first ever Division III NCAA Tournament. This might have been what caught Brad Stevens’ attention. She was also a good student who performed well.

Tracy Wilhelmy Body Measurements: Weight And Height

Since Tracy was a sportswoman, she has kept a good shape and perfect weight. She weighs approximately 66kg and is 1.7m tall.

Tracy Wilhelmy Career Details

Tracy Wilhelmy is a professional contract lawyer. She works as Brad Stevens’ agent. She negotiated his salary and payment terms before he got into the Boston Celtics. In 2004, her mom Mary Kay died of cancer. It is a traumatic experience that haunts her. Tracy and Brad participate in the American Cancer Society program. They also work with Jukes Foundation for Kids.

Tracy Wilhelmy did a great job of balancing hobbies, studies, and her previous relationship with Brad. She’s a well organized hardworking person. It would be fair to say that without her, Brad might not have made it to where he is today.

Tracy Wilhelmy Marriage To Brad Stevens

Every person deserves someone to support them all through. Tracy is married to Brad Stevens, coach of the Boston Celtics. Their love story is filled with tales of compassion and support for each other. It all began when they met at DePauw University. Both had a mutual passion for sports. One side saw Stevens breaking basketball records while the other side saw Tracy making history in soccer. On their 3rd date, Stevens drove Tracy for 1 and a half hours to watch a high school b-ball match. She noticed how much he loved the game and encouraged. Besides, she did not date any other guy during this time. There was also no record of breaking up.

Tracy wanted to settle down soon after campus. She wanted a family with Brad but at the time they hadn’t found good jobs. Brad worked at Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals but was eyeing an opportunity in basketball coaching. When he got a volunteer position, Tracy advised him to go for it. Thanks to her word, Brad is a remarkable coach today.

Tracy had a plan b in case everything went wrong. She went back to Case Western School of Law to pursue a law degree. She used to visit Brad every weekend by driving 5 hours. She supported Brad as he worked tirelessly to build his career.
The couple finally got married in 2003 August. In 2006 they had their firstborn son Brady. 3 years later they had a daughter, Kinsley. Today, the family lives in harmony in Boston, Massachusetts.

Tracy Wilhelmy Net Worth

Tracy’s fame can be attributed to Brad Stevens’ success. However, her professional career as a labor and employment lawyer has also played a huge part in her net worth. Statistics reveal that Tracy’s net worth is estimated at $1 million.

Tracy Wilhelmy House And Cars

Tracy and her family live in a $550,000 property equipped with a swimming pool and a mini basketball court.


In conclusion, true love can withstand anything. Following Tracy’s life with Brad, you may notice it was never an easy journey. They came from far to build their family. If you meet the right woman, hold on to her no matter what. She could be the key to success. A wise man once said, ” Behind every successful man, is a woman”.

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