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Brenton Tarrant Bio, Age, Career, Net worth, Shooter, Facebook, Family, Height, Weight

Conservative and populist movements are on the rise in the world. Such a harsh reality is among others presenting itself in attacks towards minorities, people of color and Muslims in different parts of the world. One of such hateful acts was committed by Brenton Harris Tarrant in New Zealand. Tarrant who is charged for being responsible for the attacks directed towards mosques in New Zealand used to work in Big River Gym. He was identified by those who know him personally as a decent person who never had any desire to harm others. As such as the news of the hateful acts that he committed came about, all of the members of his community back in Australia and also his closer friends came to be shocked.

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Brenton Tarrant Shooting In New Zealand

Such a heinous act left more than 40 individuals dead and many others to be seriously wounded. Some survivors of the incident remarked that Tarrant was even laughing while he was committing the crime. This showed that he did not regret his actions and that he planned the attack beforehand and was motivated with ill intentions. Even when he appeared in court, Tarrant did not regret his actions. Before committing the crime, Tarrant posted on Facebook a description of his worldview expressing his hate towards others. On such a manifesto that was posted online, Tarrant particularly blamed minorities and Muslims for all the evil that is found in the world. He stated that the western way of life was being threatened by refuges and that governments were deliberately destroying conventional boundaries. He said that his actions are particularly motivated by the attempt to avenge the life of a girl that was recently killed by immigrants. He presented Muslims as wicked people that are out to destroy the world.

After the incident, governments banned the video that Tarrant circulated online. His online accounts on Facebook and other platforms were quickly taken down. Again a rule was passed prohibiting the showing of his face in the reporting of the court proceedings. All this was done so as not to give any stage for extremist movements. After going through a medical examination for insanity, it was decided that he was not insane and that he needs to appear in the court. He was charged with terrorism and manslaughter.

The reason why many didn’t see such an act as being committed by Tarrant is because of the fact that he was a regular individual that was a healthy part of his community. He used to work in a gym and normally interacted with others. Still many suspect that it was through a process of radicalization that Tarrant was induced into committing such a crime. Extremist and conservative groups are on the rise in Europe. They are radicalizing the youth using videos on YouTube and through new social media platforms. Before committing the acts, Tarrant visited a number of countries and interacted with far right conservative groups. Looking at his manifesto shows that he sees all outsiders as threats to the western way of life.

Who Actually Is Brenton Tarrant?

Tarrant was a person who visited many countries in Europe and Asia and was seen as a normal tourist by many. He also grew up in a normal healthy family. The members of his family are still shocked by what he has done as he was always perceived as a young decent boy. He had a close relationship with his father Rodney Tarrant who passed away years ago. Some say that his behavior started to change after the death of his father and it was after this tragic event that he began to immerse himself on radical ideology.

In the wake of the shootings, renewed discussion on gun control is being initiated in New Zealand, Australia and in different parts of the world. What impact his actions will have on the issue is a thing that remains to be seen. Tarrant used to participate in community service. This ironic since he did not believe in the equality of human beings and saw immigrants as the source of evil. The attacks were carried out against Masjid Al Noor mosque and Linwood Masjid.

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