Carl Azuz Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Carl Azuz born on August 14th, 1989 in Atlanta, Georgia is known as the anchor of CNN Student News, a daily news program designed to be classroom-friendly.

Carl Azuz Biography And Early Life

There is little known about his childhood or family and the first public record of Azuz’s life is from when he started attending the University of Georgia from which he later graduated and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication Arts Production. In 2008 he joined CNN as a news writer for the student-oriented 10-minute news segment CNN Student News, but later he discovered his anchoring skills while working on the show and ended up getting the job as the full time anchor, but only after serving in various other roles on the show ranging from package producer to reporter and writer for the program.

Carl Azuz Body Measurements

With a height of 1.88 m and a body weight of 82 kg, Carl Azuz always had the teenager spirit flowing inside him, making him a perfect fit for this type of program, as one student put it “His puns, he is a little goofy, and he fits well with middle school and high school students” which is also what made him internet famous when he became a meme in 2018.

Carl Azuz Career Details

Currently age 31, Azuz is still hosting the CNN Student News and enjoying his interaction with his young fanbase, with whom he shares jokes and his impeccable comedic timing which attracted so many fans to his show. When asked to list a few of his favorite things, he mentioned continental cuisine as his favorite type of food and Tom Cruise & Angelina Jolie as his favorite actors, but considering his fanbase and cult followings which he seems to embrace, internet humor is probably somewhere on that list too.

Carl Azuz Net Worth And Salary

Carl’s income sums up to a $200k annual salary from CNN, with an estimated total net worth of $2 million, although it doesn’t seem like he’s living the wealthy lifestyle, as he currently resides in Georgia, but it is unknown where exactly or what his house looks like. There is no information about the car that he drives either, but he has mentioned that he’s a big fan of autonomous cars and is looking forward to a future where that is the standard. He has been married for a few years to Kenzie Ann, although the couple doesn’t like appearing in public, which is why the only proof of them even being together are tagged photos on social media. Since his wife isn’t a celebrity, nothing is known about who she is, but it seems the couple has been together for a while, even though they don’t have any kids. Although married, people close to him stated that he considers himself a workaholic and believes he is married to his work, something that he had also mentioned in one of his tweets. He seems really passionate about it too as he takes time to organize reports, being described by his co-workers as a perfectionist, as well as taking the time to interact with fans and overall he seems genuinely satisfied with his job and the opportunities it brings.Such is the case for December 10, 2014 when Carl visited North Atlanta High School to have an exclusive session with the students there, something that apparently both parties enjoyed being a part of.

Carl Azuz Lifestyle

He mentioned the fact that he enjoys traveling many times, both for work and for leisure with him listing his favorite destination as Paris in France, although he has been to many destinations all over the globe as part of work. Azuz has also participated in many public speaking events across the country, with his speeches being heard at national conventions, workshops, charity events, and graduation ceremonies, where he often talks about the importance of quality education and inspiring students to follow their dreams while also maintaining his pun based humor in every public speech he’s done. On top of thathe has been donating large undisclosed amounts to charity and supporting a number of philanthropic organizations and events. He also doesn’t seem like a huge fan of social media, although he does regularly use Twitter to interact with fans and comment on his favorite memes, sometimes about himself.

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