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Carol Lin is a famous personality in journalism. She is an American journalist. She was the first television news anchor who breaks the news to a worldwide audience about the news September 11 attack.

Carol Lin Career Details

She got a Bachelor’s degree in Political science from the University of California, Los Angeles. During her college, she used with her roommate Heather Deen Locklear who is now an American actress. After completion of the graduation, she had joined ABC News as a national correspondent and a substitute anchor for good morning America. She was also worked reporter for World News Tonight with Peter Jennings.

At ABC she used to provide national report such as the Freeman Standoff in Montana, the UniBomber arrest The North Dakota Floods and Jon Benet murder case etc.
She also worked for KTTV as a news anchor in Los Angeles and a part of undercover investigation unit.

From 1998, she joined CNN as a news anchor and correspondent in the networks headquarter in Atlanta, Georgia. There she used to anchor various news programs, including CNN Early Edition, CNN Live at Daybreak, the weekend editions of CNN Newsroom and CNN news stand. For CNN breaking news stories, she travelled across the globe, including the rebuilding of Kosovo, the shooting at columbine high school and the fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001. In addition to this, she travelled Jerusalem to cover tension between Israel and Palestinian territories, and to cover winter Olympics she travelled salt Lake City.

She had done a great job, while anchoring the news coverage of the rescue of nine miners who were trapped for 77 hours in somerset, Pennsylvania. Just worked for 8 years in CNN, she plays a major role in the history of CNN. She Served her honesty in Election 2000 CNN’s Election.
On September 11 2001, she was the first anchor who breaks the news from Atlanta just after 3 minutes of attack in New York at 8:49 AM EST with a live picture of World trade centre’s north tower. That attack was horrible for the world.

After 8 years, she left CNN and become a founder after launching of a website, the site was launched on 1 October 2007.

In 2012, she appointed as a spokesperson in Los Angeles Country Prohibition Department and she moved to Los Angeles Country Sheriff’s Department in 2015. In 2018 she becomes chief executive.
Apart from this, she had got numerous awards and honours, including three times Los Angeles Press Club award and she was the first recipient of the National IMAGE Award by the organization of Chinese Americans.

Carol Lin Net Worth

Generally, she avoids being in social media, her net worth is $1 million USD in public. She enjoys her life like most millionaire lives by showing off. She is sincere about her work and lifestyle.

Carol Lin Parents

Carol Lin’s parents are Hsi Chaun Chen and Pho Chen Lin.

Carol Lin Dating History And Marriage Details

She was married to the William Robinson, an eight times Emmy award-winning News producer, Robinson and Caro had one child. Unfortunately, Robinson died in the year 2003, due to cancer and at that time Carol was six months pregnant, that was the worst possible time the life of Lin. She just broke from heart, and it was difficult to handle the situation.

Just three year later she again falls back to the same feeling while her mother suffers from cancer, and asking “why me?, not again” then she realizes that it’s a gift because she said, “I walked for a walk for something, not nothing and experience that I had behind me is not make me weak but to make me stronger”. This shows her bravery to fight when we face any critical situation in life and never give up. Finally, her mother was cured and then she comes out of that feeling.

Later she again got married Mike Dowling, UCLA assistant athletic director of operations.

Carol Lin Body Measurements

Now talking about her physical appearance, she is about 5 feet 2 inches, with short naturally brown hair and a pleasant smile on the face. She is having a millionaire lifestyle.

Carol Lin House And Cars

Her house and cars are not known, we can guess that she must be having luxurious cars and a house.


By concluding, Carol Lin is great women and her life is an inspiration for us.

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