Richard Saghian Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Real name Richard Saghian
Gender Male
Date of birth January 31, 1982
Age 38 (in 2020)
Place of birth California, USA
Nationality American
Education Victory Christian High School, Oral Roberts University, Pepperdine University in Malibu, California
Marital status Single
Wife none
Children none
Height 5 feet or 182 cm
Weight 78 kg
Profession Businessman
Career time 2006 to present
Net worth $ 50 million
Ethnicity white
Hair color Black
Eye color Hazel
Horoscope Aquarius

Richard was born in the USA, California, on January 31, 1982. He is an entrepreneur who started his own fashion platform in 2006.

Richard Saghian Bio: Age, Early Life

Richard Saghian is an American entrepreneur who started his own fashion stored which turned into great ecommerce business.

He is currently 38 years old, according to his date of birth 31 January 1982.

Richard Saghian Education Details

Richard Saghian is known for his fashion business. He belong to USA, California. When talking about his education, there are not much traces of his qualification. He never revealed anything regarding his education or other personal life.

Richard Saghian Career Details

Richard Saghian established one of the most well-known Fashion Company Fashion Nova. Also, he is the chief executive of the company. He started this company in 2006. In the beginning, he didn’t expect his company will grow. With the passage of time, the company reached the height of success. Furthermore, after success, Richard launched the ecommerce for this company in 2013. He used Instagram to advance his business. Through it, he sold most of his products by collaborating with other.

His family business was the reason to start his own fashion outlet and making this empire on his own.

Moreover, it has now been sold all around the world. His company has total of 5 outlets throughout America. It is now considered as one of the most successful fashion industry around the globe.
Richard now pays to big influencers like Kylie Jenner from profits he earns from the company.

Moreover, a single post from influencers like Kylie Jenner, his brand earns millions of dollars. In an interview he mentioned what he thought when he started this company.
Saghian says,


Richard Saghian Achievements

Richard had worked hard to make his company grow. He collaborated with rapper Cardi B in November 2018 which is considered as a big achievement.

Richard Saghian Net Worth

As an entrepreneur the net worth of Richard is estimated as $ 50 million. He earns from the company as well as from the Instagram page he made for his company. His hard work made him from an ordinary cloth seller to the owner of most well-known Fashion Company.

Richard Saghian Dating History

Richard has kept his personal life private. There is nothing known about his dating. As said earlier, Richard keeps his personal life away from media so there is no such news or rumors of him being in a relationship.

Richard Saghian Marriage Details

The known thing about Richard is that he is not married neither have any plans of getting married yet. Moreover, he never revealed if he dated someone or if is in relationship with anyone.

Richard Saghian Parents

Richard father was a women cloth seller. He handed his business to Richard where all his family members used to work. After that, he founded Fashion Nova.

Richard Saghian Kids

As he is not married neither in any relationship, Richard do not have any children.

Richard Saghian Body Measurements

Richard is one of the most handsome and dashing entrepreneur having a masculine body. He is 5 ft. 0 inches tall and weighs about 78 kg. His black hair and hazel eyes adds to his charm. His further body measurements are not revealed by him yet.

Richard Saghian Cars And House

Richard has bought a mansion of worth $ 1.75 million. He bought it from Tim Bergling through a secret deal. The house is on Bird Streets Street. This area is considered as one of the most expensive areas. Meanwhile, car collection or car brands that Richard own are not revealed by him.

Elizabeth Filippouli Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Elizabeth was born in 1974 on the 13th of August in Athens Greece. She is Caucasian and has a Greek nationality. She is the daughter of one of the most well-known Greek screenwriter and journalist Stamatis Filippouli. Her childhood was happy and filled with love. Elizabeth is now 46 years old.

Elizabeth Filippouli Education Details

She attended the National Kapodistriakon University in Athens where she got her Bachelor’s degree in German literature. Right after graduation she enrolled in Harvard where she got her diploma in Managing and Shaping Change in the Information Age. In 2008 she got her Masters in Transnational Media and Globalization at the City University. In 2010 she enrolled at University of Oxford-Said Business School where she got a Masters in Strategy and Innovation.

Elizabeth Filippouli Career Details

Elizabeth started working in 2008 in between her studies as a director to the internet tailoring business Globeez. She held that position for three years. At the same time, in 2009 she joined Select168, a company based in UK which catered to VIP in the shape of events and management of various other events for important clients. Elizabeth worked with Select168 for two years.
In February of 2010 Elizabeth becomes an Executive Board member of International News Safety Institute (INSI) during her time working at INSI she was also an Executive Board member at NewsxChange.

Filippouli started her own company in 2010. The UK based company named Global Thinkers Forum operates in consultancies in the fields of Business and Communications. The company is international and Elizabeth is still currently working in the company she founded.

Elizabeth Filippouli Net Worth

Having worked in high profile positions throughout her life, leading various teams and companies, even founding her own company in the last decade, Elizabeth’s net worth ranges from 500 thousand dollars to 1 million dollars.

This is only an estimation based on average incomes that similar job positions are known to be paid. If other, more relevant information appears online about Elizabeth Filippouli’s net worth the article will be updated.

Elizabeth Filippouli Dating History

Filippouli has and still is keeping her private life away from the media. Even though she is a public figure and a strong believer in the importance of relationships of any kind in an individual life, she managed to keep her love life only for herself. When further information comes forth about her dating life the article will be put up to date with said information.

Elizabeth Filippouli Boyfriend

Elizabeth identifies as straight. She is currently single and there aren’t any rumors regarding past or actual boyfriends. Any information that will appear online or in magazines will be posted in this article as soon as the information is checked and deemed to be true.

Elizabeth Filippouli Parents

Her father was Stamatis Filippouli, one of the most renowned journalists and screen writers in Greece. Unfortunately, there is nothing known about her mother or about the current status of her parents in the present day. As soon as this information is available for the larger public, the article will be put up to date.

Elizabeth Filippouli Kids

Elizabeth is not having any children since she hasn’t had a long-lasting relationship or marriage. There aren’t any rumors that the entrepreneur is having any plans for forming a future family. As soon as rumors about Elizabet Filippouli having a child becomes public this article will be updated with the information available.

Elizabeth Filippouli Body Measurements

Despite her age which inches in to 50 Elizabeth is looking fresh as ever. The Greek entrepreneur and journalist is maintaining a fit and healthy figure. Her body measurements aren’t known exactly but from photos that exists online it is easy to see that she is a fit, young looking woman. Her hair and eyes are dark brown and her skin is slightly tanned given the fact that she grew up and has a Mediterranean background.

Elizabeth Filippouli Cars And House

Elizabeth’s properties and assets are not known to the media. Even after thorough research there was nothing factual to be found. As soon as something believable and that could be checked comes up this section of the article will be updated.

Bruce Bozzi Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Bruce Bozzi is a businessman born in Manhattan, New York. United States. Bozzi is the former co-owner of (now owned by Landry’s Restaurants) The Palm.

He is the son of Bruce Bozzi Sr. who is also a very important businessman in the world.

Bruce Bozzi Marriage Details

Bruce Bozzi has been married to Bryan Lourd since 2016. Lourd is an American talent agent He has been partner, managing director and co-chairman of Creative Artists Agency (CAA) since October 1995.

Bruce Bozzi Family Details

They both have a daughter named Ava Bonzi, who was born the 21st of November of 2007. Bozi has a stepdaughter from a previous Lourd marriage with Carrie Fisher, called Billie Lourd who was born the 17th of July 1992 and is also an actress. In an interview he expressed his desire to be a Househusband from Beverly Hills.

Who Is Gary Vaynerchuk And What Is His Net Worth In 2020? Know His Bio, Age, Wife

Gary Vaynerchuk, social media marketing guru, divides his time between two companies – and spends every free minute on Twitter tweets that come from the heart.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s video blog, where he tastes wines and does wine reviews, has about 90,000 views a day. A New York Jets helmet serves as his spittoon.

Gary Vaynerchuk Career Details

Gary Vaynerchuk, 35, has always been a salesman for as long as he can remember. This is selling lemonade as a child and baseball cards as a teenager. At 22, Vaynerchuk took over from the Wine Library, his father’s liquor store in Springfield, New Jersey, which eventually grew into a $ 60 million business and one of the largest online wine merchants. Customers flock to the company’s website for Vaynerchuk’s daily video blog, where he gives wine reviews in a playful, New Jersey-like tone.

In 2009, Vaynerchuk gambled on his passion for social media with a new venture, VaynerMedia, which advises large companies on how to manage their online communities. Today, Vaynerchuk splits time between the two companies, filling his day with wine reviews, client presentation meetings, and a continuous stream of tweets.

Kate Spade Bio, Age At Death, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Body Measurements

Kate Spade is a leading name in the American Fashion world. Her full name was Katherine Noel Valentine Brosnahan Spade. Spade was a well known American fashion designer and business woman. The famous designer brand called Kate Spade New York was founded and co-owned by Spade.

Kate Spade Early Life And Career Details

Kate Spade was born in Kansas City, Missouri, U.S. on December 24, 1962. Her parents’ name are June (Mullen) and Francis (Frank) Brosnahan. Francis was the owner of a road construction company. Spade was of Irish decent. Kate graduated from St. Teresa’s Academy which is an all-female Catholic high school. After this she enrolled herself into University of Kansas. However, at a later stage she got herself transferred to Arizona State University. Initially she wanted to join television production and with that aim in mind she joined Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority from where she graduated with a degree in journalism in the year 1985. Even while studying she earned by working at a men’s clothing outlet in Phoenix named Carter’s Men Shop.

In 1985 Spade started working in the accessories department of Mademoiselle located in Manhattan. While working at this place she came in touch with Andy Spade who hails from Scottsdale, Arizona. Andy later became Spade’s business and life partner. Spade really excelled while working at Mademoiselle. From being just a fashion designer she, by her sheer talent and ability, got herself promoted to the position of head of accessories. Her experience in Mademoiselle made her realize that there was a huge scarcity of stylish but practical handbags in the market. During that time handbags were not considered a serious fashion accessory hence it was an unexplored genre in the fashion market. It was at this stage that Spade decided to create her own collection of handbags which were functional but also sophisticated and stylish. 1991 saw Spade leaving Mademoiselle. Kate and Andy Spade formed their own company named Kate Spade New York at the beginning of 1993. Spade soon launched her own brand of hand bags which initially started with 6 silhouettes. Her handbags were quite different from those already available in the market. They were very practical and yet very stylish. The growing demand and popularity of her handbags made her establish her unique handbag brand called ‘Kate Spade Handbags’ in 1996. Her boutique was in the up market SoHo district of Manhattan. It was an instant hit. Later on she moved her head office to a larger 10,000-square-foot space in West 25th Street.

The popularity of her brand made Spade expand her product range to fragrances, clothing, stationery, eyewear, shoes, jewellery, baby items. This energetic woman entrepreneur didn’t stop at this. In 2004 Spade launched her home collection brand and named it ‘Kate Spade At Home’, a brand which essentially sold bath items, tabletops, bedding etc. Kate Spade’s brand in which Neiman Marcus Group had 56% stake became international. Despite Neiman Marcus being the majority stake holder in her brand Spade was very active in promoting the brand and working for the best output. 2004 also saw Spade writing 3 books. The books were basically centered round her philosophies and personal style. Spade decided to sell the remaining stakes to Marcus in 2006. Now she devoted most of her time to her growing daughter. During the same time she and her husband decided to sell their label. The couple invested their earning in a small TV network named Plum TV. The entrepreneur in Kate Spade didn’t die. In 2016 she, along with her husband Andy, tied up with their old friends Elyce Arons and shoe designer Paola Venturi and all four of them together formed a new brand called Frances Valentine. It’s a brand essentially featuring luxury footwear and handbags. Spade is the recipient of many prestigious awards like America’s New Fashion Talent in Accessories awarded by CFDA.

Kate Spade Marriage Details

Kate married Andy Spade in 1994. Before meeting Andy in Mademoiselle, she met him as college friends in 1983. The couple has one daughter named Frances Beatrix Spade who was born in February 2005. Kate Spade’s niece is acclaimed actress Rachel Brosnahan.

Kate Spade Death: How Did Kate Spade Die?

Kate Spade died in very unfortunate circumstances. She committed suicide by hanging in her Manhattan apartment in on June 5, 2018.

Kate Spade Net Worth

Kate Spade’s estimated net worth is $200 Million.

Kate Spade Body Measurements

Kate Spade boasted of impressive physical features. Height and weight of Spade were 165 cm and 52 kg respectively. Her Zodiac sign was Capricorn.

Meet Karen Huger Husband Raymond Huger. Know His Bio,Age, Net Worth, Salary

Raymond Huger is the inspiration for persons who are struggling in their early career life. He proved that hard working and patience can change the course of your life at any time if you are determined.

Raymond Huger is an 70 year old American entrepreneur and more popular for being the husband of the real housewives of potomac star Karen Huger. He is CEO of Paradigm Solutions international Incorporation.

Raymond is also known as “Black Bill Gates”. If you are more curious to know about this idol person, you will find everything about Karen Huger’s better half Raymond Huger in this article.

Raymond Huger Relationship And Family Status

He married pretty lady karen Huger in 1996. They maintain their happy marriage life for more than two decades. They are parents of two children, a son named Brandon and a daughter named Ravyn. In 22 years of marriage life they always support each other in all situations.

Karen did not marry a millionaire but she built it. She never intended to marry a millionaire and in fact Raymond was not a millionaire in that time. Rather she found Raymond with the necessary qualities and supported him in every way to become what Raymond is now today. She stopped her career for 17 years to support her husband and family. Since their marriage they perfectly manage their relationship and responsibilities.

Karen Huger has a good background as she is an established entrepreneur too. She is performing in a famous tv program.

Raymond Huger Career Details

Raymond Huger started his career in IBM corporation for a post of senior executive. He served here for 25 years with great performance. Here, he was monitoring the new business and partnerships of this company.

After 25 years, he started his own business and his company name is Paradigms Solutions. In february 2007 he left the company and started another new company named Paradigm solutions international Incorporation. Now he is the CEO and chairman of his company.

Raymond Huger Net Worth

Raymond Huger is a successful business person and American representative. The net worth is around 40 millions dollar as of 2020. But the company earning 60 million dollar is the big source of his net worth.

Raymond Huger Education Details

Raymond is a business graduate having completed BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and MBA (Master of Business Administration) degrees. He completed his BBA from Baruch College, Manhattan, New York. And later he pursued his MBA from Fordham University, Bronx, New York.

Raymond Huger Social Media Engagement

Raymond Huger’s wife is quite popular in social media like instagram and she has at least 220K followers in instagram. On the contrary, Raymond is totally inactive in social media platforms and doesn’t have any accounts in twitter, facebook, instagram- which is quite surprising. But thanks to his wife for regularly sharing their updates on Instagram.

Raymond Huger Business Awards

Raymond is a very talented person and he uses his talent very efficiently in his own business. In recognition of his brilliant performance in business, he has been nominated a number of times for different accolades to the professional world. Raymond was declared as a top entrepreneur for two consecutive years, 2004 and 2005, by US Black Engineer and Information Technology. Not just only that, you may become surprised to know that Raymond was honorarily awarded a degree for his outstanding work to information technology innovations from the University of District of Columbia.

And let me share another interesting fact with you. Along with his wife Karen, he has appeared in “The Real Housewives of Potomac” which is a reality based TV show by the way.

Rumors And Scandals On Raymond Huger

In terms of rumors and scandals, one must agree that Raymond has maintained his personal and professional life very carefully and honestly. Till now he is maintaining a clean slate regarding any rumors and scandals. Raymond has never confronted a serious scandal in his professional or personal life to date. It seems like he is completely devoted to his work and nothing else. This might be another reason why his marriage with Karen lasted for so long and still rolling beautifully.


Raymond Huger born on 17 october in 1946 in America. His ethnicity is African-American and nationality is America. He is 73 years old and a strong person now.

Raymond’s height is 5 feets and 7 inches long and weight is 70 kg. He has black eyes and hair is salt and pepper colour.

Danny Porush Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

If you have seen the Wolf of Wall Street then you definitely know Danny Porush. The movie, based on a true story, is set on Danny Porush. Jonah Hill played the life of Danny Porush in the movie with so much art and grace. A good reason to catch the movie, no? Should be.

Daniel Mark Porush was born in February 1957 to a Jewish family in Nassau County, New York in the United States of America. He attended the Lawrence Woodmere Academy and then proceeded to Dickinson College, and then to Boston University. He however did not graduate and moved from one job to the other for some time.

Danny Porush is American businessperson and former stockbroker. He is famous for running a fraudulent stock scheme in the 1990s in a corporation based in Stratton Oakmont. He went to prison alongside his friend, Jordan Belfort. Except for the fact that he got for four years while Belfort got two years in prison.

Danny Porush Age, Height And Ethnicity

Daniel Porush is 63 years old, an American national, is 1.77 metres tall, and weighs approximately 78 kilograms.

Danny Porush Career Details

In the late 80s, Danny Porush and Jordan Belfort started a brokerage called Stratton Oakmont on Long Island in New York, with Porush as the President and Belfort as the Chairman. The brokerage dealt with over the counter stocks, also known as penny stocks. In 1989, the brokerage drew a lot of attention to itself following the disciplinary action applied on the company by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the National Association of Securities Dealer (NASD). The authorities found that Stratton Oakmont was involved in inflating the price of owned stock also known as pump and dump. In 1994, Porush became Chairperson and CEO of Stratton Oakmont.

In 1996, NASD expelled Stratton Oakmont and fined Porush 250,000 dollars for the fraud. The stockbroker later pleaded guilty to 10 counts of money laundering and security fraud in 1999. Porush left prison on probation in 2004 after serving 39 months. After his release, Porush worked as a truck driver before he was involved with Med-Care Diabetic and Medical Supplies and subjected to hearings at the Congress following accusations of Medicare fraud. Jordan went on to become a motivational speaker, making up to 150,000 dollars per booking.

In 2007, Jordan Belfort gave a memoir, which Martin Scorsese used in 2013 to make ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

Danny Porush Marriage And Family Details

Danny married his first cousin, Nancy who was 24 at the time, and him 29 in 1986. By then, the man was living and running a business in New York when they fell in love. They had three children. They started at a humble beginning, living in a two-bedroom garden apartment in Queens. Nancy pushed Danny to talk to Jordan Belfort having seen him severally at the gym. Shortly after, Danny took an exam to obtain his stockbroker licence. Afterwards, Belfort invited Danny to work with him at his company. He made his first 30,000 dollars from the firm and started Stratton Oakmont. From there the rest was history for the Porushs.

When Danny went to prison, the marriage was on the rocks and they divorced in 1998. Porush had an affair with his then mistress, Lisa Krause, which led to a child. Lisa already had three children from past relationships. He married Lisa in 2000.
Danny served Nancy Porush a lawsuit during her son Bar Mitzvah. He refused to provide child support claiming that he could not afford to pay 5,500 dollars.

Danny Porush Net Worth

Mr. Porush currently owns a Medical Supply company based in Florida. Despite his famous scandal, many do not trust him. He made his riches from looting and ripping people off. As of 2020, Daniel Mark Porush’s net worth is approximately 10 million dollars.

Daniel Porush does not shy away from flaunting his multimillion-dollar lifestyle, flying out in private jets to private islands on Fridays with his wife, wearing designer clothes, fleets of expensive vehicles and million dollar condos. He is even rumoured to have bought matching Rolls Royce with his wife. Porush and Lisa colluded to put all property and money under her name so that he can evade paying back the people he owes money. Despite confiscating his cars and homes, the scammer still has some money up his wife’s sleeves.

In an interview with the Mother Jones magazine, Porush denied being involved with all the inequities depicted in the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

Corey Harrison Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Wife, Divorce, Daughter Sarina Harrison

Correy Harrison is the reality star of reality TV show pawn star. He was called to the Big Boss. You may have seen him in television. So we are here to disclose some details about him.

He is the co-owner of Las Vegas’s ‘World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.’ Besides being a TV star, he is a businessman.
He starter the journey of his career at the age of only nine. He worked in his father’s shop.

Corey Harrison  Net Worth

As of 2020, Corey Harrison’s estimated net worth is more than 5 million USD. Mainly, he could make it that high because of his show ‘pawn stars’. We see his appearance in ‘surly’. He is a business man. He earns a lot from his gold and silver pawn shop. He had to start working at a very early age.

Corey Harrison Wife And Divorce

Corey had an amazing love story with his first wife named Charlene Harrison. She was so close to him that they got together at the high school. Unfortunately, the high school infatuation did not last longer.

He divorced his first wife in 2015. Within next couple of years, he remarried to Kiki Harrison. According to sources, they are still living their lives together.

Corey Harrison Daughter Sarina Harrison

Corey Harrison is a blessed father of a son and a daughter. The boy is named Jacob Harrison. His beautiful daughter is named Sarina Harrison. She is a teenager.

Corey does not like to disclose much about his family life. So his daughter’s info is not that much available.

Corey Harrison Profession And Career Details

Corey started his career at a very early age, only at 9. He was the operation manager at his father’s shop. Surprisingly, he could handle more customers and earn better than anyone other in the shop.

He is a businessman as well. In 2009 he was a cast in the reality show Pawn Stars in the channel history. He has completed 14 seasons gracefully. The show actually shows the day to day activities of ‘World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop’. This was so popular; that it grabbed the position of second most viewed shows of 2009.He is the manager of the shop.

Corey Harrison Physical Challenges

Corey had to go through bypass surgery. He dropped his weight to 250 pounds from 365 pounds. In 2014, he faced a motor cycle accident with broken arm.

Corey Harrison Bio: Age, Parents

Corey was born on April 27, 1983. His father is Rick Harrison. His grandfather’s name is Richard Benjamin Harrison. He has two brothers.

Harrison’s nickname is ‘Big Hoss’.

Corey HarrisonHeight And Weight

Corney is 50 years old. His height is 1.83 m tall, whereas weight is 90 kg. he lost a lot of weight during his surgery.


Corey is not only a successful businessman, but also a person with a golden heart. Just after his coming in the pawn Stars, he grabbed the attention of the viewers. The show even focuses to the internal conflict of the shop persons. That’s one of the most interesting things.

Though he has a good career, he is not so lucky in his love life. But still, let us hope for the best.

Scott McGillivray Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Nationality, Height, Weight

Scott McGillivray was born on April 7, 1978 (Age 42, Zodiac Sign Aries) in Toronto, Canada. His family then moved to Richmond Hill and there’s where he was raised. His childhood, along with information regarding his parents, is scarce.

Scott McGillivray Education Details

He attended to the University of Guelph where he received an honours degree in Commerce in 2011. His first business plan first started as a school project about income properties.

At age 21, Scott used his student loans to purchase and renovate his first rental property and two years later, at age 23, he owned 5 rental properties.

He became a licensed contractor in 2004 to manage his own crews. As of now, he owns hundreds of income properties across Canada and the United States.

Scott McGillivray Career Details

Scott McGillivray is an entrepreneur, investor, television host, author and educator. His hosting career begun since 2008 and he has performed as such in the U.S. and Canada, starring in over 400 episodes of television.

He’s the host and executive producer of Income Property, a home renovation show. Scott initiated his television career as a crew member in Debbie Travis’ home improvement reality shows, and then he performed as a project manager in the same. In 2007, he and Kim Myles co-hosted a competition for the best holiday-decorated house, Holiday Battle on the Block HGTV.

It was in 2009 that Income property premiered and as of 2013, it airs in 33 countries around the world. The show premise’s revolves around Scott aiding homeowners to turn part of their home into an income source to help with the mortgage. In 2009, he too began his own live speaking events titled “Creating Wealth through Real Estate” to instruct people about real estate investing.

A year later, he co-hosted All American Handyman, working with Mike Holmes once again. Also, he started his own real estate education company called The Lifetime Wealth Academy, (renamed Keyspire in 2013.)

In 2012, he functioned as a judge on Canada’s Handyman Challenge, along with Mike Holmes, Bryan Baeumler and Paul LaFrance. In 2014, he was a judge in a home-flipping competition, rating the restoration talents of the four couples in contest. As well, he wrote his first home improvement book, How to Add Value to your Home.

In 2016, Scott, his wife and two daughters starred their own program, Moving the McGillivrays. In the show, they bought and renovated a house into their dreamed home.

Two years later, he starred in another home renovation program, Buyers Bootcamp with Scott McGillivray, where he assisted buyers in renovating and overturning properties. As of 2020, he has yet a new home renovation show revolving around vacation cottages, Scott’s Vacation House Rules, in which he helps the cottages owners renovate their properties into attractive rental properties for vacation rentals.

He is a customary, expert collaborator in day-time TV interviews, counting with apparitions in The Today Show, Marilyn Dennis, Steven and Chris, and CityLine, apart from that he’s a primary speaker in home demonstrations and corporative events in all of North America. His practical focus for renovation and design has been chronicled by Forbes, FOX News, and many other networks.

Scott McGillivray Marriage Details

Scott McGillivray married his wife, Sabrina McGillivray, a teacher, on June 2, 2008. Together they have two daughters: Myah (January 25, 2012) and Layla (October 29, 2013); the family divides their time between residences in Toronto, Ontario, and Fort Myers, Florida.

Sabrina values her privacy and the ones of her daughters, therefore they don’t make as much public appearances, but she agreed for the entire family to star in Moving the McGillivrays in 2016.

Scott McGillivray Net Worth

By the end of 2019, Scott McGillivray’s net worth was approximately $100 million. His net worth for 2020 is still under review, but so far it shows no sign of decreasing.

Suzanne Rawlings Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Ex-Husband Richard Rawlings

Suzanne Rawlings was born in Texas on 1964 (age 56) under the name Suzanne Marie Mergele, daughter of Jack Mergele and Betty Koehl Mergele. During her youth, she attended Crystal Lake South High School and then assisted to Northern Illinois University where she graduated in computer education.

Despite her role as a public figure, she prefers to maintain her privacy and therefore not much is known about her childhood.
After she graduated university, she signed a deal and started working for the Department of Defense as a contractor for four years, and afterwards worked at Schaumburg for a consulting firm. On the year 2004, she opened a Home Health Agency in Dallas, Texas and after another four years she initiated her own computer consulting firm.

Suzanne Rawlings  Career Details

Suzanne Rawlings (née Mergele) is an entrepreneur, reality TV star and actress mostly known for her role on the Fast N’ Loud series starred by Richard Rawlings.

According to the two of them, they met through a mutual friend in the early 90s and grew closer as time passed by, until they cemented their relationship with a marriage ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada on 1999. By this time, they were both thinking about starting a business, and founded the Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas inspired by Richard’s enthusiasm and knowledge on cars and Suzanne’s knowledge in entrepreneurialism.

The start of their shared business was difficult, as it wasn’t easy to attract new customers. Around 2007, the couple decided to invite Aaron Kaufmann – a self-taught petrol junkie – to the team and he quickly became an asset helping them attract clients. With his aid and Suzanne’s management efforts, Gas Monkey Garage grew until becoming a global brand.

Despite the growing success, Suzanne and Richard’s relationship gradually deteriorated over the years. The pressures and demands of the business made it difficult to sustain a healthy relationship, resulting in the two spending less and less time together which subsequently brought communication troubles and fights. Eventually, they decided to end their marriage in 2009 for keeping the situation from leading to develop grudges against each other. The divorce was a mutual decision, and the two remained on good terms afterwards.

After their separation, Richard took the entire business for himself and two years later he was contacted by Discovery Channel, who showed interest in Gas Monkey Garage and offered a deal for their own show. Richard agreed and the show became successful as expected. By 2015, he and Suzanne rekindled their relationship and got remarried in Cabo, Mexico.

Once Suzanne returned to the Rawlings’ scene, she took the business management in her own hands. Instead of just strengthening the brand, Suzanne had other ideas, amongst them adding the Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill, as well as an adjacent concert venue, Gas Monkey Live. She put her efforts in expanding the brand and the show as long as she could, opening new Gas Monkey branches in different locations around the country and inserting them in the industry of energy drinks.

Suzanne Rawlings Marriage Details

After a firstly failed marriage of fifteen years, she remarried her ex-husband and Fast N’ Loud star, Richard Rawlings, after spending six years apart and with minimum contact between each other. Despite the distance, neither dated during this time so it was rather easy for them to reconnect and give their marriage another chance.

Sadly, this second chance didn’t turn successful either, and by 2019 they were officially going through the procedures of their second divorce.

The couple didn’t have children together; however, and even with her and Richard’s complicated relationship with each other, Suzanne’s ex-husband has served as her son’s, Sinjin Venegas, father figure for most of the latter’s life.

Suzanne Rawlings  Net Worth

As of mid-2019, Suzanne Rawlings’ net worth was measured to be around $1 million dollars.