The effective Alternative treatment options Kidney Stones 1 out of 10 people has kidney stones over the life course. A kidney stone is a hard mass in the kidney that is formed in result of crystals in urine. The natural chemicals in the human body form these stones due to multiple reasons. Which cause problems […]

What are the Common Reasons for Urinary Incontinence? The Urinary Incontinence occurs when the normal flow of the storing and passing urine is disrupted and causes involuntary leakage of the urine. The urinary sphincter is lost or get weaker. This happens due to the number of reasons. Some factor causes short term Incontinence while others […]

What are the effective treatment methods to Treat Viral Pneumonia? Pneumonia is basically a viral infection resulting in the inflammation of the lungs and keep the patient in bed because of sick feelings. Viruses, bacteria and fungi are the main causes of pneumonia. Their symptoms are almost same but few additional symptoms are there because […]

How to Cure Stye Eye? Various Treatment Options The eye sytes also called hordeolum is an eyes infection which causes eyelids to tender and red bump near the corner of the eyelids. This is bacterial infection occur in lashes base, dead skin dirt or within the small oil gland within the eyes and block the […]

What ate Dangerous side effects of Ebola Virus Effects On Humans Ebola virus causes serious fatal disease in humans. This virus also attacks non-human primates and causes homorganic fever. Homorganic fever is caused infection with the virus of Filoviridae family, genus Ebola virus. the disease originated in animals and transmitted to human after contact by […]

Effective treatment options for Acute Kidney Failure The kidney filters the byproduct and toxin from the blood and extracts the useful nutrient, minerals and electrolytes for the body to functions. The kidney also filters the water and use the water and toxin to filter it out from the body through the urinary tract. the kidney […]

The Best Homemade Drinks to improvement Kidney functions. Staying hydrated is the best know remedies for improving the kidney and liver functions. Because the kidney is responsible for filtrating the blood and taking the toxin out from the body. A good and balanced diet and liquid including fresh vegetables and fruit juice, cocktail and smoothies […]

Parkinson’s Disease sings, causes and risk factors. Parkinson disease is a neurodegenerative movement disorder. That affects the central nervous system and body. The symptoms start gradually from tremor to muscular stiffness. And with time the symptoms worsen in condition. Symptoms There are many symptoms and its presentation is different in everyone. Early signs are not […]

Cerebral palsy sings, types and treatment Cerebral palsy is a movement disorder that appears in early childhood. Its signs and symptoms appear and vary among individuals. It affects the muscle tone, motor skills and movement. It affects body functions such as motor functions that involve motor skills and muscles like breathing, eating, drinking, bowl and […]

The Foods list to relief Acid Reflux (Gestor-esophageal reflex Disease GERD) Acid reflux is a condition that features and commonly called heartburn in the lower chest. It is also called Gastro esophageal reflux occurs due to stomach acid back up to the esophagus. When the stomach acid flows back twice in a week then it […]