Naomi Jon Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight, Real Name

Hair Colour: Blonde
Real name Naomi Jonzeck
Nick name Queen of Chaos, Khaleesi of the Great Broccoli Sea
Gender Female
Date of birth December 06, 1996
Age 24 (in 2020)
Place of birth Germany
Nationality American
Education Reputed institution of Germany
Marital status not revealed
Children none
Height 5 ft. 8 in or 173 cm or 1.73 meters
Weight 63 kg or 139 lbs
Profession Social Media Star
Career time 2011 to present
Net worth $ 38 million (According to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb
Annual income $ 18 k
Nationality German
Ethnicity Caucasian
Hair colour Nordic White
Eye colour hazel
Horoscope Sagittarius
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Naomi Jon is born and raised in Germany. She was born on December 6, 1996. Naomi is 24 years old according to her known date of birth.

Naomi Jon Bio: Age, Nationality, Early Life, Education

Naomi Jon is a German social media star who is best known for uploading content such as makeup tutorials, hairstyle tutorials, makeovers, and much more to her eponymous YouTube channel. With time, she has also amazed a huge fan base with more than 3 million followers on YouTube, more than 1 million followers on Instagram, and more than 50k followers on Twitter.

She is currently 24 years of age, according to her known date of birth.

Naomi has always been into makeup. With the passage of time, she learned a lot about makeup. As far as education is concerned her schedule is not known all we know is that she has in a well-reputed Institute of Germany.

Naomi Jon Career Details

Naomi is a talented YouTube beauty vlogger with a huge fan following. She is known for her Tik Tok channel which has more than 2.5 million fans and verification crown. She created a YouTube channel in 2011. Initially, there is not much public on her channel. With the passage of time, the audience grew. She started uploading more off makeup videos the tutorials. The earliest post on her channel is from 2016. Uploaded her first picture on Instagram in 2013. Schedule attention of the audience in a very long span of time furthermore she is acquainted with Nikkie tutorials. She is considered as one of the most popular Tik Tok stars. She basically came into limelight when her Tik Tok videos got viral on social media. Till now she has collaborated with many brands. She was also sponsored by brands on YouTube. Naomi is an independent vlogger. Her most popular video on YouTube is “I tried giving myself semi-permanent freckles and now i wanna cry ” with 9.1 million views.

Naomi Jon Awards

Naomi has been regarded as the Editors Choice as a result of her live streaming

Naomi Jon Net Worth

Estimated total worth of Naomi Jon according to According to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb and some other sources is $ 38 million. As a new you tuber this is a huge amount of money. Naomi earned her fan following and money in a short span of time.

Naomi Jon Dating History And Marriage Details

Naomi likes to keep her personal life private. She did not reveal anything about her relationship. But according to some news, Naomi is single and not currently dating anyone

Previously engaged weather in any relationship currently. She might be in at least one relationship previously but still it is not known.

Naomi is currently single and does not have any plans to get married. As soon as there will be some use of her marriage it will be updated.

Naomi Jon Parents

She has not revealed her father in any of her social media accounts. Whereas, her mother has featured in some of her videos. Furthermore, she also has not revealed anything about her siblings.

Naomi Jon Kids

As Naomi is not married yet so she does not have any children.

Naomi Jon Body Measurements

Naomi has an average height of 5 feet 8 inches. She has grey eyes. Her body is slim and curvy.

She goes to gym to keep her body in shape. She dyes her hair with different colours but her natural hair color is blonde. She prefers to dye her hair in various shades such as blue, silver, pink, fluorescent, yellow, orange, and dark brown.
Naomi weighs 73 kg. Her waist is 34 inches.

Naomi Jon Cars And House

Naomi has not revealed her car collection. Furthermore, what we know about her home is that she lives in Germany. As seen in her videos she has a good well-furnished home. There is nothing much known about the location or worth of her house. Moreover, her car brands are yet to be revealed.

Cindy Kimberly Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Cindy Kimberly is a self-made social media star, a dedicated model and a talented photographer with mixed ethnicity. She was born in Cosmopolitan European City of Amsterdam in November 16,1998. She is now 22 years of age. She speaks Spanish, English, Dutch, Italian and other Asian languages. She is 5 feet and 7 inches tall , has dark brown eyes but she prefers putting on hazel-colored contact lenses, her hair color is dark brown, has 32 inches breast,24 inches waist,7 inches hips.

Cindy Kimberly Dating Dating History And Marriage Details

She dated Neels Visser who is a model and an Instagram star in 2016, but they later broke up in 2018. She also had an affair with Xavier Serrano but they broke up ,in 2019 she was said to have an affair with world champion Lewis Hamilton, she was also said to have an affair with rapper Tygan after they were seen leaving a restaurant together but she later said that they were only friends. she keeps her love life private.

Cindy Kimberly Family Details

Her father is an Indonesian while her mother lives in Spain where she spent most of her childhood. She was raised by her mother alone after they separated with her father, her mother had to work for long hours in order to make the ends meet for this reason she had to work also in order to cater for some of her needs. She schooled in Maria Ibars Secondary School in Denia. It was hard for her to continue with her studies with all the social media attention she finished by homeschooling. She has a very close relationship with her mother who supports her very much. Despite of her living in Barcelona she has not lost touch with Spain where she was brought up.

Cindy Kimberly Net Worth

She is a hard working young lady since she started working at a very young age this helped her to top up her pocket money. Before she rose into fame, she was a low income earner she used to baby sit. Her main source of income today is modelling and she is worth an estimate of $0.8 million dollars as of 2019.

She is very young and passionate in what she does, she comes with new ideas she has a great future and her net worth will continue to multiply.

Cindy Kimberly Career Details

She was known after a celebrity Justin Bieber posted her photo on December 7, 2015 in his Instagram with caption “OMG!!Who is this??”. The celebrity also said that he was a friend to Cindy Kimberly this greatly added to her followers. Initially she was overwhelmed since she was young and lived a simple life but afterwards she got used to the lifestyle of a celebrity.

She is a social media star she has very many followers in her social media platform .She owns her YouTube channel which has 392,949 subscribers ad of April 2018 she uses the user name Cindy Kimberly. Her Facebook followers are 5K Instagram followers 5.7 million, twitter476.6 thousands.

She does modelling the first assignment was for online retailer Very this happened after Justin Bieber posted her on his Instagram, her real identity was leaked and she got many calls for modeling since then she has taken part in many fashion shows . She has invested too much in her looks she had a nose plastic surgery which she spent an amount between $5000 to $13,000 and lip surgery which helped enhance her appearance. She also has a unique dressing and make up sense this has helped her maintain her position by being an Instagram star and help differentiate her from the rest in that line. The peak of her career is the cover shoot for CQ Spain in 2018, she has also done a cover shoot for Vanidad.

She is also talented in photography her photos are very much out of ordinary she plays around with lighting, background and her posing styles. She pursued arts back in her home college, she also posts her works on social media for her followers and she also post drawings of her fans.

To maintain her social media followers she posts videos of her lip synching to her favorite songs, she also posts her drawings and she posts her photos that her followers draw and share with her and she posts in her social media platforms, she updates her profile every day.

Is Mario Selman Really Gay? Know His Birthday, Age, Career,Net Worth, Social Media Presence

Mario Selman, 19 years old, was born on December 21st, 1999. He was born in Chile but moved to South Florida. Mario has two sisters who are also social stars: Nacha Morel and Catalina Selman. He comes from a lavish family. Both his sisters are popular than him in, and they have been helping him get better at it and more popular. They seem to be close, and they even appear in videos together. Mario has not revealed much about his personal life.

He has not mentioned whether he is in a relationship though he has been close with one of his fellow YouTubers, Baby Ariel. Right now, he is focusing on his career growing bigger and bigger and more famous. Mario is 5’7 feet tall and weighs about 155 Lbs.

Mario Selman’s Dating Life: Is He Gay?

It is very obvious that Mario has stayed away from any kind of controversy to date. His relations with co-stars or media personalities he collabs with are considered pretty normal and less romanticized.

The only time he ever had a curiosity rise in his personal life was when Mario made a Q&A video of him answering fans’ questions on 17 April 2016. It was a total shock for the fans as they didn’t have a sniff of the information before.

A fan asked Mario a question about the craziest thing that had happened with a fan. And Mario did not have anything to hide the incident as he opened up about kissing a fan… on accident. The incident took place in the city of San Francisco. While on tour, Mario was meeting up with his fans and just as he was about to kiss her on the cheek, she turned around.

Yup, as cliche as it sounds, that’s exactly how Mario accidentally kissed one of his fans. Many comments on her video had hungry fans even wishing the lucky girl was them. And that’s it. There’s all that is left of Mario’s non-existent dating life.

The fact that he doesn’t have much on his personal life has many people wondering if Mario is a closeted gay. It only sounds likely, considering the bitter truth that the media star hasn’t shown a single sign of indulging in romance. And Mario hasn’t even bothered to address the gay rumors, which adds to the speculations. But since nothing has been confirmed, it’s no use assuming his possible gayness or his mystery girlfriend.

Mario Selman’s Career On Social Media

Mario Selman loves music very much from an early age but he gained popularity after his parents moved to Florida. He discovered his musical talent as well as building up his own social media profile. He started the YouTube Channel titled “Mario Selman” in 2014.

Later, he moved on to Tik Tok where he began posting lip-sync videos. His two sisters who already become popular Tik Tok stars and also help him in creating the content for his new channels. Soon, both channels started to increase whereas, on Tik Tok, he has more than 3 million fans followers with 136.6 million hearts.

Later he got back to YouTube and continuously started videos in which have over 480k subscribers and 12 million views. Outsides Tik Tok and YouTube, you can also follow his on YouNow where he has over 471k fans following.

After gaining success, Selman began collaborating with other YouTube stars like Zach Clayton, Baby Ariel, Nick Bean, Loren Beech and more. Then, he launched his second channel called “Our Journey” which was famous among teenagers. His sister also features in his videos as well.

Mario Selman Net Worth

YouTubers make a lot of money. This is especially true for the ones with thousands of views, and in some cases, even millions. The more followers and views they have gathered, the more money they make. YouTubers earn around $10 – $50 per 1000 views. Videos posted which have over a million views can earn one $10,000- 50,000, which is very much.

Mario Selman makes a good amount from his career in social media, and as such, has an estimated net worth of $350k, This is very impressive, especially considering how young he is. We, however, cannot say for sure how much the young man earns from his channel. This much remains a mystery as he has not disclosed that information yet.

Quick Facts About Mario Selman

Full name Mario Selman
Age 19 years old.
Date of Birth December 21st, 1999.
Place of Birth Chile
Profession YouTuber
Net worth $ 350,000
Partner Unknown
Nationality Chilean- American
Ethnicity Hispanic
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius.
Parents Unknown

Jackie Oshry Age, Career, Net Worth, Wedding, Husband Zachary Weinreb

Jackie Oshry became a social media star from a regular school kid. She has to thank social media for her flourishing career. She gained popularity through her funny tweets on Twitter. When her tweets came to public attention the regular kid started to make money out of it and her career took some new heights.

Jackie has a social media handle named JackieOProblems. She is also now a co-host on the podcast show with her star sister Claudia Oshry. The sisters host a show named The Morning Toast. Claudia also runs a social media handle named GirlWithNoJob.

Jackie used to work at The Huff Post as an associate social media editor. She job was to edit the social media content of iHeart Radio.

Jackie Oshry Wedding Details

Jackie is a married woman. She met the man of her dreams Zachary Weinreb and she tied the wedding knot on 17th February 2019. The longtime couple got married in an intimate wedding at the Taj Pierre Hotel in New York City. The bride stunned everyone in three studding wedding gowns. Her wedding gown was inspired by the Disney character Elsa.

The wedding ceremony was made a memorable affair with famous like Bachelor alums Corinne Olympios and Amanda Stanton, comedian Heather McMahan and Vanessa Williams.

Jackie and Zachary got married after a year when they got engaged on 1st March 2018. The couple started going out on 15th November 2015 and after dating for a while Zachary proposed his girl with a beautiful platinum engagement ring with oval cut and paved setting.

Jackie Oshry Controversial Family

Jackie’s engagement news was overshadowed by some controversy. One of her sister Claudia’s racist tweet came into the picture. On 2nd March 2018, they received a backlash from their fans.

Her sister’s action brought quite a lot of problems. In a report by The Daily Beast, it came out that the Oshry sisters are the daughters of an anti-muslim activist. Their mom was the Pamela Geller was the president of an anti-Muslin organization, Stop Islamization of America. After this news, the sisters got a lot of criticism on Twitter.

Their show The morning toast was canceled for a while because of the bad situation. But later when the situation cooled off the show resumed.
Jackie and Claudia apologized to their fans on their social media handles and revealed that they don’t share the same ideology as her mom. There was suspicion on whether Jackie and Claudia are Pamela’s adopted daughters. But the allegations came to an end with time.

Jackie Oshry Net Worth

Jackie is earning a nice amount of salary from her podcast show the Oath Tech. she earns an annual salary of around $83,310. She also has a YouTube channel which adds an average of $68 – $1.1K per year to her net worth.

Jackie Oshry Age, Birthdate, Education

The social media star was born on 6th November. Jackie is now 26 years old and she was born in New York City. She joined the college in 2014, she is a graduated from Colgate University as a history major. She started her social media life when she was an intern at Colgate University.
She used all her skills which she learned at the university and making her net worth much higher.