Causes and treatment of pain in the hip socket

It is known to be common and it keeps people from being active. In most cases its treatments depends on the nature of the pain and severity.

Causes and treatment of hip pain

The cause of pain in the hip socket

In most cases when the head of femur rubs hardly against the rim of cartilage around the acetabulum and sneeze it then that is one of the common causes of the pain. Hip external rotators, hip extension and muscle weakness of the hip abductor muscle may be an additional problem.

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Hip Socket Pain

The pain in the hip socket can be caused when there is a deformity seen at the top of the femur which is called cam impingement. In most cases it happens in various activities like riding the bicycle, or even tying the shoe laces.

Another deformity like pincer impingement can also be the cause of the hip socket pain. When a child is growing up and the hip bone cannot grow normally then it is known to be hip impingement.

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One needs to consult with a physician when experiencing a severe pain. The treatment can be classified into two that is non-surgical and surgical treatment. Medication and injection are known to be part of the non-surgical treatment and it is used as primary that is used to relieve the pain. Medication is mostly used to act first as a defensive for the treatment. Physical therapy, several anti-inflammatories and exercise can also be used to ease the hip pain for most of people.

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Hip arthroscopy, anterior hip replacement is some of the surgical treatments that are mostly used to treat hip pain that was caused by avascular necrosis.

In addition intravenous antibiotics are also recommended if the pain was due to the bone infection.

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