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Charles Zewe Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

A former CNN anchor, Charles Zewe has been reliably delivering headlines news since 1990. A Louisiana State alumni, Zewe holds a master’s degree. A true Louisiana boy he currently reports for his hometown campus as a beloved spokesperson.

Charles Zewe Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

Charles Fredrick Zewe II, aged 73 with an unknown birth date, is a 90s news anchor from the popular CNN., and also a reporter for CNN and maintained his title of Dallas bureau chief.

Charles started his career at stations WWL-TV and WDSU-TV in executive producing and editing from 1971 to 1976. Zewe worked towards his Bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University. He climbed higher on the education ladder and eventually received a Master’s degree from Loyola University located in New Orleans. His intelligence didn’t stop him there and Charles Fredrick Zewe II worked towards an honoured Ph.D. from Louisiana State. Where he later returned to become the chief spokesman for the campus, he currently resides here to this day.

Charles Zewe Career Details

Charles Zewe began his lengthy career with CNN in 1989, Zewe was tasked with reliably delivering CNN’s coverage of news documenting the southern west point of America. Charles Zewe covered riveting stories such as the Space Shuttle launch. Charles Zewe was said to be a strong leader, and served as President of North Lake Communications, Inc. Zewe became an international face star in New Orleans for WDSU-TV from 1987 to 1989. With almost three decades of news casting prowess, Charles was awarded the ‘UPI Louisiana/Arkansas TV Reporting and Individual Achievement Award’ in 1987 followed by the ‘Best Newscast Award’ in 1988.

Charles Zewe Net Worth

There is no information on Charles Fredrick Zewe II’s net worth.

Charles Zewe Marriage Details

Charles Fredrick Zewe II’s is married to Gayle Zewe with no information available.

Charles Zewe Kids

Together Charles and his wife were graced with two sons, Charles F. Zewe III and Scott C. Zewe.

Charles Zewe Parents

There is no information on Charles Fredrick Zewe II’s parents.

Charles Zewe Body Measurements

There is no information on Charles Fredrick Zewe II’s appearance or measurements.

Charles Zewe Cars And Houses

Charles Fredrick Zewe II’s assets are unknown at this time.

Fun Facts About Charles Zewe 

  • Charles Fredrick Zewe II’s made the social media jump of 2020 and joined Blogger to publish his latest work.
  • 73-year-old Charles Fredrick Zewe II is an award-winning TV broadcaster. With 25 years of service, this Louisiana native spent his years as the face of CNN. Delivering efficient and informative news stories for Americans to enjoy Charles now resides as chief spokesman for the campus of Lousiana State University.

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