Chase Landry Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Married, Wife

Chase Landry is the reality television personality. He is a boat captain. He belongs to the hunters and fishers of alligators. Chase came to know about his family business from his father, Troy Landry. Chase and his elder brother Jacob regularly follow their father on a variety on hunting adventures. Chase is one of the best television stars. He is among the list of popular personalities of 1989. He is also counted as the richest person born in the whole of LA.

Chase Landry Bio: Age, Early Life

The major reason for the popularity of Chase Laundry is their channel of Swamp people who hunt the alligators. He was born on April 25th, 1989. Out of their career and lives, they decided to to make a reality show called Swamp people because they do hunting and fishing for their survival. Chase performed his debut in August 2010. After his 1st episode of the first season till now, his show reached millions of viewers and followers and gain full attention and appreciation of the audience. Now, this show has reached 10 seasons and the ratio of the viewers exceeds beyond limits. People love to watch their lifestyle and gather hunting and fishing skills.

Chase Landry Salary And Net Worth

Chase Landry has earned a lot to increase his financial stability. Chase Laundry has the net worth of about $400,000. This amount has continued to rise with the passage of tie as he gained fame and popularity. One of the reasons for this success is that he always followed his father’s footsteps and instruction in every step. He has earned a lot from his reality show. The time when his father opened a restaurant where they sell seafood items, this young boy also opened a small place with the specialization of Crawfish. Besides that, for his interest, he also catches gators and sells them in their season to earn even more. Moreover, this boy is the experienced fisherman who hunts fishes especially crawfish.

Chase Landry Married Life, Wife And Kids

As Chase is in the 20s, these swamp people don’t waste polenta of their time in getting married and starting their family. His elder brothers are already happily married and having kids. So there is nothing to worry about them. So the time chase finds his desired girl, he, ultimately get married. The girl home chase get married is Chelsea Kinsey. Unlike the rest of chase Landry’s family, their wedding is still hidden. All the events from their engagement to wedding were not exposed to social media. Even no information about his wife is revealed on media. However, one of the most important news about this couple is revealed that they are blessed by a beautiful baby girl named Riley Blake.she was born on March 18th, 2017.

Why Was Chase Landry Arrested?

Once it happens that Chase Landry was arrested by police. The charge that police has put into him is that he shoots shrimp boat while hunting for the alligators. This happened in September 2016. He also appeared in court in this case. Well, at the case hearing, he spoke that he wondered that the shrimp boat was coming right toward him and might have damaged the boat that cause him to fire on them. That was an accident.


Chase laundry is 29 years old. He celebrates his birthday on the 25th of April, 1989. His place of birth is Loisana. His height is 5 feet and 11 inches. 159 lbs are the weight and the zodiac sign is Taurus. He worked as a teller in the ’70s and later on worked as a teacher in an elementary school in 2007. While there is a lot more to say about Landry’s family. Chase Landry’s educational background has never exposed to the social world. Nevertheless, he has a tattoo on this hand which represents a pretty red rose. His pictures are uploaded on his Twitter account. Chase Landry is also a very famous personality of Facebook and Instagram. He has a huge fan following on his social media. His fans are like his beloved family to him. He enjoys posting pictures of himself and people love to see his lifestyle.

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