Chief Keef Real Names, Age, Career, Net Worth, Education, List of Ex-Girlfriends

Keith Cozart aka Chief Keef is a popular American rapper, mixtape artist and record producer. Keef started getting popular among high school students through his music when was a teenager. He is an aggressive guy and is always into controversies. His incredible music talent made him so popular that he ended up signing prominent record labels when he was just in his teens. He first signed a deal with Interscope and then made a switch to 1017 Brick Squad. Later he started his own record label, Glory Boyz Entertainment, now which is known as Glo Gang. ‘Finally Reach’, ‘I don’t like’ and ‘Love Sosa’ from his own record label was an instant success.

Keef always landed himself into legal troubles including charges for possession of weapon, performance ban imposed by Chicago authorities and was also punished with house arrest. However, critics have acclaimed Keef of having a deep influence on the contemporary hip-hop world because of his drill subgenre and the massive impact of his music on other artists.

Chief Keef Bio: Early Life, Parents

Lolita Carter gave birth to Keith Farrell Cozart in Chicago, Illinois, when she was just 16 and unwed. He is named as Chief Keef after his uncle Big Keef. Chief Keef was always kept away from his biological father Alfonso Cozart. Keef used to stay with his grandmother in Chicago who was his legal guardian. When he was just a kid of 5 years he found his love for rapping and started rapping using his mother’s karaoke machine and tapes to record his raps. He was a student of Dulles Elementary School and the Banner School. At the age of 15, he was dropped out of Dyett High School.

How Chief Keef Made A Big Impact In The Hip hop World

In 2011 he first started attracting local residents of Chicago through his mixtapes, The Glory Road and Bang. While he was in house arrest at his grandma’s place as a punishment for firing a gun from his car, he uploaded several videos which became quite a hit. It caught the attention of Kanye West and he remixed the song with the rapping songs of Pusha T, Jadakiss and Big Sean and Keef’s popularity was shot up in no time.

In 2012 Chief Keef’s popularity has gone so high that record labels were competing against each other to sign him. Keef signed with Interscope Records and Glory Boyz Entertainment. The latter earned him a whopping amount of $6,000,000 for a three-album layout and an additional amount of $44,000. In 2013 he signed with 1017 Brick Squad Records.

Chief Keef’s ‘Hold My Liquor’ released in 2013 was heartbreaking and was praised by the famous musician Lou Reed. In the same year, Chief Keef also released his mixtape, Almighty Sosa. He started producing his music in 2014 like Bang 3, Nobody and The Cozart. His own music skyrocketed his fame and career and then he started producing many popular numbers. In 2016 Keef announced that he was retiring from rapping and dedicated his time for creating mixtapes. In 2019 Chief Keef and Zaytoven worked together and released the mixtape Glotoven, Spy Kid, and Almighty So 2.

Chief Keef Dating History, Marriage Details

At the age of 16, Keef became a father with his then-girlfriend with whom he later parted ways. Later he became the father of two more children and like this claims kept on coming from many women as Keef is believed to be involved in many relationships with multiple women. Some court documents revealed that Keef has nine babies from nine different women and has also been named as “a baby-making machine.” And his tenth kid is on the way for the 23-year-old.

Chief Keef Legal Issues

  • In 2011 he was apprehended on the charges of heroin manufacture and distribution.
  • He was punished with home confinement for firing a gun at a policeman.
  • He was also charged for illegal acquisition of a firearm.
  • He was arrested in Georgia for allegedly smoking marijuana in a public place.

Quick Facts About Chief Keef

● Age: 24 years
● Nationality: American
● Height: 1.83m
● Weight: 76 kg
● Sexual Orientation: Straight
● Girlfriend: None
● Salary: $200k
● Net Worth: $2 million

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