Chris Ivery Is Happily Married To Wife Ellen Pompeo. Know His Age, Career, Net Worth

Chris Ivery is an American music producer, also known for marrying a beautiful ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ actress Ellen Pompeo. For many reasons his personal life appears in the headlines more often than his professional achievements. Chris’ date of birth is February 7, 1967. He was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. He attended ‘Harvard University’. He belongs to a mixed-race of white and Afro-American.

Chris Ivery Wife Ellen Pompeo

While his wife Ellen is pleased to be a mother of 3 adorable kids, Ivery does not like staying in the limelight. Although he is a great husband and father as understood by the interviews they have given. Ellen Pompeo gave an interview in November 2013 on Queen Latifah’s show, which is now canceled she stated the reason she is so attracted to her husband is because he has an extremely secure personality. She also revealed that he has a lot of swag, and nothing really shakes him, and if something did shake him, she would never know!

Before Pompeo turned Dr. Grey and Ivery turned song producer, they met at a grocery store in Los Angeles in 2003. Isn’t it romantic? They started dating after six months, and then Ivery proposed to Ellen with a 3.5-carat diamond ring. They became a family four years later, on November 9, 2007, walking down the aisle in the presence of the New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, who was a legal witness to their marriage. The ceremony was quite simple, and it took place at City Hall in Manhattan.

Their first daughter was born two years after their marriage. They named her Stella Luna and Chris lobed buying his daughter’s clothes and even set up her closet. Chris and Ellen had another daughter in 2014, whose name is Sienna May, and she was born through surrogacy. They only have one son named Eli Christopher, and he was born on December 29, 2016.

This couple has so much in common! For example, they were born in different towns, but both of them grew up in the city of Boston. Also, Chris and Ellen are huge fans of the “Boston Celtics,” a great basketball team in America. Chris and Ellen can often be seen enjoying a match of basketball and cheering for their favorite team in the crowds.
While we know the details of their marriage, there is not much information available about his music. Chris has made a few appearances on TV and has penned the lyrics of the song Cheers (drink to that), which was also featured in the TV series “Smash.”

Chris Ivery Past Criminal Record

Chris Ivery started getting into criminal acts by the time he was 19. His criminal records began to increase through crimes like credit card theft, drug offenses, and forgery. He was convicted for more than ten times and served prison sentences a couple of times. He was sentenced to imprisonment for three months in 1987 for the first time because of the possession of drugs. But now Chris is a transformed man free of all the offenses.

Chris Ivery did not hide anything from his now-wife Ellen Pompeo and had told her everything about his past. He blamed his behavior on the rough childhood he had living in the suburbs of Boston. She understood his reasoning and accepted him with his past.

It’s been over a decade Chris and Ellen are together. Like every couple, they also have some good and bad phases in their relationship, but they still share a strong connection. There have been rumors about Chris. He once tried to flirt with a girl during Guns ‘n’ Roses concert and wanted to bring her home. After that, there were again some rumors that Chris has divorced Ellen, but these were all false accusations.

Chris Ivery Net Worth

Chris Ivery had a lot of money way before he got married to Ellen.E His job of tune production helped him in making a lot of money. His net worth was at 10 million dollars in 2016. In the middle of California, Malibu, in particular, Chris has a huge mansion, which is valued at almost 6.5 million dollars. It is believed the house has all the luxuries a home should have. It doesn’t seem Chris is performed making money yet because he continues to work hard from the audio market. But if you believe Ivery is wealthy, you should have a look at his spouse’s net worth. She’s always been on the Forbes’ record of top-paid tv actresses with a net worth of $11.5 million. She became one of the highest-earning actors in the industry.

His wife, Ellen Pompeo Lists Gorgeous $3.8M Modern Farmhouse in Hamptons. Ellen had designed the house when they had two children; however, now that they have another child, they have outgrown the home.

Chris Ivery Cars, House

Chris Ivery drives a Range Rover and lives in a multi-million-dollar beach house in Malibu, California.

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