Cindy Kimberly Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Cindy Kimberly is a self-made social media star, a dedicated model and a talented photographer with mixed ethnicity. She was born in Cosmopolitan European City of Amsterdam in November 16,1998. She is now 22 years of age. She speaks Spanish, English, Dutch, Italian and other Asian languages. She is 5 feet and 7 inches tall , has dark brown eyes but she prefers putting on hazel-colored contact lenses, her hair color is dark brown, has 32 inches breast,24 inches waist,7 inches hips.

Cindy Kimberly Dating Dating History And Marriage Details

She dated Neels Visser who is a model and an Instagram star in 2016, but they later broke up in 2018. She also had an affair with Xavier Serrano but they broke up ,in 2019 she was said to have an affair with world champion Lewis Hamilton, she was also said to have an affair with rapper Tygan after they were seen leaving a restaurant together but she later said that they were only friends. she keeps her love life private.

Cindy Kimberly Family Details

Her father is an Indonesian while her mother lives in Spain where she spent most of her childhood. She was raised by her mother alone after they separated with her father, her mother had to work for long hours in order to make the ends meet for this reason she had to work also in order to cater for some of her needs. She schooled in Maria Ibars Secondary School in Denia. It was hard for her to continue with her studies with all the social media attention she finished by homeschooling. She has a very close relationship with her mother who supports her very much. Despite of her living in Barcelona she has not lost touch with Spain where she was brought up.

Cindy Kimberly Net Worth

She is a hard working young lady since she started working at a very young age this helped her to top up her pocket money. Before she rose into fame, she was a low income earner she used to baby sit. Her main source of income today is modelling and she is worth an estimate of $0.8 million dollars as of 2019.

She is very young and passionate in what she does, she comes with new ideas she has a great future and her net worth will continue to multiply.

Cindy Kimberly Career Details

She was known after a celebrity Justin Bieber posted her photo on December 7, 2015 in his Instagram with caption “OMG!!Who is this??”. The celebrity also said that he was a friend to Cindy Kimberly this greatly added to her followers. Initially she was overwhelmed since she was young and lived a simple life but afterwards she got used to the lifestyle of a celebrity.

She is a social media star she has very many followers in her social media platform .She owns her YouTube channel which has 392,949 subscribers ad of April 2018 she uses the user name Cindy Kimberly. Her Facebook followers are 5K Instagram followers 5.7 million, twitter476.6 thousands.

She does modelling the first assignment was for online retailer Very this happened after Justin Bieber posted her on his Instagram, her real identity was leaked and she got many calls for modeling since then she has taken part in many fashion shows . She has invested too much in her looks she had a nose plastic surgery which she spent an amount between $5000 to $13,000 and lip surgery which helped enhance her appearance. She also has a unique dressing and make up sense this has helped her maintain her position by being an Instagram star and help differentiate her from the rest in that line. The peak of her career is the cover shoot for CQ Spain in 2018, she has also done a cover shoot for Vanidad.

She is also talented in photography her photos are very much out of ordinary she plays around with lighting, background and her posing styles. She pursued arts back in her home college, she also posts her works on social media for her followers and she also post drawings of her fans.

To maintain her social media followers she posts videos of her lip synching to her favorite songs, she also posts her drawings and she posts her photos that her followers draw and share with her and she posts in her social media platforms, she updates her profile every day.

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