Common Emphysema Signs and Symptoms to Know (As smoker)

Emphysema is known to be a chronic and long term disease that is caused by excessive smoking.

People with Emphysema always have a painful experience due to the damage of the lungs thus it’s always difficult for them to breathe.

The disease always presents its self in a permanent form that makes an abnormal enlargement of the air spaces and it is also known as pulmonary disease.

Among the many disease known it is described to be Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease (COPD).

Most people have different appearance and in some it is a combination of emphysema and chronic bronchitis that is known to have different airway bronchospan degrees.

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Common Emphysema Signs and Symptoms

The following are some common Emphysema Signs and Symptoms and every smoker should know this and be aware;


It is one of the common symptom that people suffering from Emphysema always tied and they know when they are not well. Also one can lose breathe during their routine activities like the climbing stars or even moving lawn.

Pursed lip-breathing

With the symptoms one can find it difficult to exhale while trying to release the air that is trapped. In order to reduce the pain they purse their lips and at the same time leave a small opening space .If they don’t it would be a big risk because as they exhale the lips block the air flow and as a results it increases the pressure that can make one to collapse.

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Barrel Chest

Most people with emphysema always develop a barrel chest where the distance the distance from the chest to the back becomes greatly pronounced where else it is normally less than the distance side to side. All this is cause by the air that is trapped in the obstructed airways.


It is another major symptoms that one experiences which may be continuous that will always make a person to feel a lot of pain mostly in their chest.


The symptoms are the same one with asthma people and it is mostly improved by the use of inhaled medication called bronchodilators. Some other common symptoms include; morning headache, constants fatigue, weight loss, lethargy and difficulty in concentrating.

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