Common Symptoms of Mycoplasma Pneumonia

Mycoplasma pneumonia also is known as atypical pneumonia (or walking pneumonia) is caused by a pathogen called Mycoplasma pneumonia. Mycoplasma Pneumonia has symptoms that develop slowly and may take one or two weeks to have physical symptoms. Its symptoms are mild, and one can mistake these symptoms with those related to flu or colds.

The people aged below 40 years and children are more susceptible to Mycoplasma pneumonia

Symptoms associated with Mycoplasma Pneumonia

Below are the most common symptoms of Mycoplasma Pneumonia which a person should be worry pf whenever detected.

A feeling of being exhausted with severe Lethargy

It is the most common symptom associated with Mycoplasma Pneumonia. The infected person may mistake it with normal tiredness through the person may feel extra fatigue even after having a sleep rest.

Feeling Cold

It is another common symptom caused by Mycoplasma pneumonia. Most of the patients living with pneumonia may have severe suffering during winter seasons. But since these seasons are always cold, the infected person can easily ignore them. Patients feeling cold may ignore the symptoms at the beginning, but later the effect may reach the chest causing effects such as chest sound and irregular breathing

Sudden Chills

An infected person with Mycoplasma pneumonia may have a sudden chill with no severe cold. On the other hand, an infected person may lose energy that may result in the sudden chills.

Runny Nose

Running nose is another symptom though is it sometimes mistaken with the common cold by most patients. Though this symptom shows that the patients lack energy and may lose appetite and may have a dry throat.

Headaches and Abdominal Pains

These symptoms occur during the advanced stages of walking pneumonia. The pains move from the head, eyes, ears and the chest. Treating these symptoms must be done immediately because they are severe and causes breathing difficulty in the patient.

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