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Cydney Bernard Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Family, Kids, Dating Married

Cydney Bernard’s connotation with entertainment industry doesn’t constraint to her passionate association with the renowned actress, Jodie Foster in antagonism with the widespread beliefs.

A brilliant personality in her self-moralities, vaunts high-profile praises as a production administrator, production director, and eventually a producer on numerous chartbuster Hollywood glances.

Cydney Bernard With Jodie Foster And Kids

Cydney’s long-term relationship with Jodie is the most important foundation of her admiration.

Sommersby, a dramedy starring Richard Gere and Jodie was a movie in which Cydney was the movie’s production director and the couple met at the sets of this movie. As admirers can merely envisage, the association amongst them ought to have been with the twinkling of an eye.

Cydney and her formerly inamorata Jodie enjoyed an enigmatic, but gratifying amorousness for 15 years. The ex-lovebirds were a corps perdu for each other from the time they began dating to the moment of their breakup, instigating them to have two children: Charles (21) and Kit (18).

Even though unrestricted, the pair never approved their amorousness. Jodie finally conceded their romance in 2003, nearly five years after their split. She regarded her as co-parent “my ex-partner in love, but righteous soul sister in life” thanking Cydney during her Golden Globes recognition speech,

Cydney Bernard Dating History, Marriage Details

In 2008, Cydney’s love affair with former girlfriend Jodie emanated to a hasty culmination. Information from various sources asserted that the Taxi Driver thespian shattered things off to engage in an eroticism with producer/writer Cindy Mort.
Jodie and Cindy called it quits a year later after dating. Fast forward to 2013 and the Panic Room actress lit an amorousness with Alexandra Hedison. In 2014, the duo finally got married in a covert espousing ceremony.

Cydney, in contrast, has emphasized on a discreet love life. Commiserating her courting jaunts; she entirely got off the trellis. Her name would sporadically make headings and that too because of Jodie. Maybe, she fancies the stuffs as they are.

Cydney Bernard Bio: Age, Height, Family, Siblings

Cydney is sisters with Dustin Bernard, her only known biological sibling, beyond her family with Jodie. Similar to her, Dustin is also a familiar face in Hollywood together with over 20 recognitions in TV shows as a production manager.

Cydney, a mother of two, was born with the middle name Ellen in March 1953.She is no more than five feet and three inches (1.6 m) tall in terms of height.

Cydney Bernard Net Worth

In the early 90s, Cydney begin her career in the film industry. Functioning as a production supervisor, she bragged a recognition the 1994 film The Client. Beans and Loch Ness are some of her prominent works as a production manager.

Her producer recognitions are also similarly striking. Ratz, A Girl Thing, and Spinning Boris all are chartbuster movies that she unheeded.

Today, it’s accurate that Jodie, who reaps a $100 million net assets, is the affluent of the duo but that single-handedly doesn’t contradict Cydney’s endeavors. A sketchy approximation of her net wealth puts her on the multi-millionaire range.

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