Daniel Day-Lewis Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

The talented award-winning artist Daniel Day-Lewis belongs to a well-known family in London. He was the son of the Irish poet Cecil-Day Lewis. Daniel Day-Lewis has roots in the arts and film industry.

Daniel Day-Lewis Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

His mother, Jill Angela H. Balcon was a renowned actress for film and radio. She was starred in blockbusters like Good Time Girls and The Lost People. Both his parents were fond of performing arts like poetic pieces and the love naturally transferred in Daniel Day-Lewis. Besides his parents, his maternal grandfather, Michael Balcon is a highly respected name in the English Cinema industry. Balcon was the father of the New British film industry, the prestigious awards BAFTA also initiated to acknowledge his services to the cinema.

In this family of art lovers, Daniel Day-Lewis was born on 29th April 1957. His elder sister is none other than Lydia Tamasin Day-Lewis who is a celebrity chef, author, food critique and columnist in Vogue and Vanity Fair. In addition to Tamasin, Daniel also has two half brothers which were the fruit of his father’s first marriage.

Lewis was born and brought up in London however his father was Anglo-Irish and he was Jewish from his maternal side. Both of these traits problems for him when his family decided to move South of London, Greenwich. There he wasn’t accepted in the groups of the local children easily and soon Lewis mingled with them by adopting their tough ways. This made his parents sent him to boarding schools like Sevenoaks and Bedales. While Lewis was not particularly fond of Sevenoaks, the private institution was the first place he took interest in acting, fishing, and wood crafting. The latter two became his hobbies while acting became the burning passion that made him shine all his life.

Daniel Day-Lewis Career Details

Lewis was only 14 when he was given the short role of a ruffian in the 1971 film, Sunday Blood Sunday. After his graduation in 1975, Lewis chose carpentry and woodworking as his career but he was not accepted into the five-year training program due to little experience in the field. It was the time when he decided to join acting as a career and started working for theatre by admitting to the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. There his passion and unmatched skills were not hidden from his teachers and soon it was evident to everyone when he played a part in Class Enemy.

He acted in notable plays like Frost Child and How many miles to Babylon on BBC but his acting career as a theatre artist got the limelight as he played the lead role in Another Country in 1981. This play gained fame and won several awards including the Play of the Year Award in 1982.

Following his mega performance in theatre, he was offered a role in the film Gandhi in 1982. Lewis played an unforgettable role in the Historical film- The Bounty in 1984. After that, he returned to the theatre to perform as Romeo in Romeo Juliet and Mid Summer’s Night Dream.
In 1985, in the film My Beautiful Laundrette, Day-Lewis gave his first critically praised role by playing a young gay English man and an interracial couple with a Pakistani man. The film was made under the direction of Stephen Frears and the script was written by Hanif Kureishi. It was set during the reign of Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister in 1980s London. My Beautiful Laundrette made it into the list of 100 Greatest British films of the twentieth century. In the same year, Day-Lewis gave spectacular performances in A Room With A View and The Unbearable Lightness of Being. The latter was the reason that Day-Lewis learned to speak Czech. He earned the title of Brit-Pack of that era with other notable names like Bruce Payne, Tim Roth, and Gary Oldman.

Day-Lewis was known to immerse in his characters. He had taken pains to completely absorbed in his roles every time. When he was playing the role of a paralyzed patient in the critically acclaimed film, My Left Foot he refused to leave the wheelchair and asked to be spoonfed during the whole shooting to not break the character. For another role in the blockbuster The Last of the Mohicans in 1992, he worked hard on his appearance by gaining weight and learning to survive in the wilds. He was even reported to carry a rifle along with him on sets during the shooting.
Day-Lewis last appeared in London theatre during his performance as Hamlet in the emotional Shakespearean play. He was so immersed in the character that he broke down during the scene of the appearance of King Hamlet. The actor refused to go on stage since then and deemed the experience as immensely emotional for him to continue.

In The Age of Innocence in 1993, he collaborated with the American director Martin Scorsese, based on the novel by Edith Wharton. The same year he subsequently paired up with Jim Sheridan again to star in In the Name of the Father, a critically praised success that won him another nomination for an Academy Award. His next project was directed by Nicholas Hytner in the role of John Proctor in Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible in the year 1996. He collaborated again with Scorsese to star in New York’s Gangs (2002), another widely acclaimed role that won him another Best Actor Academy Award nomination. Although the film received mixed reviews his acting was poignant and well-received in critiques’ circles.

In 2005, Day-Lewis was cast in the film The Ballad of Jack and Rose. His role was to portray the remorse and guilt experienced by a man near his death about his life and his daughter. The film was directed by his wife, Rebecca Miller. A perfectionist as always he achieved the loneliness required for playing the character by living without his family for the whole filming period. Two years later, he was starred in director Paul Thomas Anderson’s movie There Will Be Blood.

Daniel Day-Lewis Awards And Nominations

Day-Lewis received the Academy Award, BAFTA Award, Golden Globe Award, Screen Actors Guild Award as the lead actor for this movie. Another role that made him bag several laurels and recognition was the 2009 film “Nine” where he played the role of Guido Contini. He was nominated for the Golden Globe Award and the Satellite Award for this role.

Daniel Day-Lewis Dating History And Marriage Details

Day-Lewis lives with his wife Rebecca Miller in Ireland due to his high regard for his privacy. The couple has three kids. The famous actor announced retirement from his acting career in 2017 after completing his last movie The Phantom Thread.

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