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Daniel Wu Bio, Age, Nationality, Ethnicity, Net Worth, Height, Weight

Daniel Wu Yan-Zu is a known personality in the Chinese film industry and Hollywood, hailing from Berkeley, California, United States.

Daniel Wu Bio: Age, Ethnicity, Early Life

He was born on September 30th 1974 bearing the name Daniel Wu Yin-Cho. He is a Chinese-American by nationality, of Asian ethnicity. He was raised by his parents in Orinda, California. Growing up, he gained interest in martial arts as he observed Jet Li and Donnie Yen displaying their talents in Martial arts in the movies; The Shaolin Temple and Iron monkey. Thus as early as 11 years, he started learning Wushu.

Daniel Wu Education Details

He was enrolled in the Head Royce School in Oakland, California. He then proceeded to the University of Oregon to study architecture. While in the university of Oregon, he founded Wushu Club of the University of Oregon in 1994 and became the coach of the club. To develop his talents, he attended acting classes and visited local theatres. During this time, he came to admire the work of film directors like Akira Kurosawa and Luc Besson. Wu graduated in 1997. In September 2020, Wu will be 46 years old.

Daniel Wu Parents

Daniel Wu’s parents are George Wu, Diana Wu. George Wu is a retired engineer and Diana wu is a university professor. They are from Shanghai, in china. After the Communists revolution in 1949 in China, George wu migrated to the United States. There, he met his future wife Diana Wu a student in the university in New York. They dated for some years and finally decided to get married. George and Diana Wu have four children; Greta Wu, Gloria, wu, a son who is alleged to have died at a young age and Daniel Wu. Diana Wu died in 2014 after struggling with cancer

Daniel Wu Marriage Details, Wife, Daughter

Daniel Wu is married to Lisa Selesner. Lisa Selesner, popularly known as Lisa S is an American model and actress who was born on May 26th 1978 in Monaco, France. Her mother is an American and her father is half French and half Chinese. She grew up in New York city with her mother Peggy Selesner and step father Gary Selesner. Daniel Wu and Lisa S met at a party in 2002 and decided to get married on April 6th 2010, after dating for eight years. The wedding took place in a remote forest in South Africa. They visit South Africa ones every year. The couple welcomed their daughter Raven Wu in June 2013.

Daniel Wu Body Measurements

Daniel Wu weighs between 75-78kg, with a height of 1.82m. He has a body size of 43 inches, a slim body build, black hair, dark brown eyes, thin lips and a straight sexual orientation.

Daniel Wu Career Details

Wu moved to Hong Kong after graduating from the university. With the encouragement of his sister, he began modeling. He drew the attention of a film director in the Chinese film industry by name Yonfan. The director suggested that he appears in his movie Bishonen in 1998. Wu gladly accepted the offer. This marked the commencement of his career in the film industry. He gained much attention from other directors and soon began to receive lead roles in several movies like the Mabel. He continued to appear in movies like Young and Dangerous: The Prequel, Love Undercover, Night Corridor, New Police Story, Hidden Track, City of Glass, Beauty, Tomb Raider and many others. In 2005, Daniel Wu, Conroy Chan, Andrew in and Terence Yin formed a boy ban called Alive. In 2006, he began directing movies, with the first being The Heavenly Kings. His voice has been used as Gul’dan in the fantasy movie Warcraft. Throughout his career, he has received several film nominations and won many awards. Wu was the executive producer of the American TV series Into The Badlands from 2015 to 2019. The series is based on the Chinese novel Journey ‘To The West’. Today, Wu is a successful actor, executive producer, director and investor.

Daniel Wu Net Worth

Daniel Wu has an estimated net worth of about $20 million dollars, thanks to his movies, TV appearances and other investments. Despite some difficult moments faced by Daniel Wu like the death of his mother, he has succeeded to keep his life and family together for ten years. According to him, his family comes before any other thing in his life. Wu, Lisa and their daughter Raven are happily living together in the USA. The couple celebrated their 10th anniversary in April 2020.

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