Daniella Perkins Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

She is a young hottest American female actress who was born on 13 June 2000 in Anaheim California. Hence she is 21 years old with an American nationality from an Iraqi Chilean and Irish ethnicity. Professionally she is both an American social media personality and musician.

Daniella started her career through social media platforms such as in youtube where she had a name similar to a Perkins sister musician. She is very famous on the internet, where she started her internet career in 2008 through her own website called Wz The Buzz.

Daniella Perkins Career Details

Currently Daniella has more than two hundred subscribers on youtube where she usually uploads her videos skits, Question &Answers sessions. Within a period of six months the youtube channel had gained more than one million views.

She started a website with her younger sister known as Devenity Perkins for posting landmark reviews in the city. Additionally they also post interviews of various people and share food recipes in their website.

Recently Daniella and her sister have been creating short videos and posting in their TikTok social media account called PerkinSisters. The videos usually trend and are more popular with thousand viewers within a short period of time. This Tiktok account is ranked among the most watched with more than over 1.8 million followers. She has over 35.6k followers in Twitter nad over 923k followers in her Instagram account.

After being able to attain many good social media audience on his social media life, Daniella Started her acting career by acting in Senior Slashed movie produced in the year 2014. In 2016, she played same role in two projects both Nickelodeon’s Legendary Dudas and Girl Meets World where she played the character of Sophia in those two projects.

Daniella has played in several TV serials namely: Knight Squad produced in 2018 as Ciara, Panting Autumn in 2017 as Violet, Girls Meets World produced on 2016 as Zoe and lastly she played the character of Sophia in Legendary Duas in 2016. Further she has acted on various movies such as Blurt as Milly Turker, Inside Voice as Milley, Del Playa as Sara and Senior Slasher.

Daniella Perkins Net Worth And Salary Details

The net worth of Daniella is estimated to be almost 1.5 million USA dollars. He also earn a salary between $5.69 and $9.1k US dollars per month.

Daniella Perkins Body Measurements

She has a dark brown hair color, with an approximate height of 5 feet and 1 inch, weight 55 kg, and shoe size 7. Her body measurement is 30-23-32n inches.

Daniella Perkins Personal Life

The celeb lives a luxury lifestyle in California with her mother and sister. Daniella has been seen wearing expensive clothes from popular brand such as LV, Fendi and Givenchy. She owns a white car of Range Rover Sport model. The favourite food of Daniella is Pizza which is an Italian food.

Daniella Perkins Parents And Family Details

Daniella Perkings has mostly introduced and performed in various social media plartform with her younger sister called Devenity. The family stays in Anaheim, California in USA and Daniella grew up there. The two are very familiar in the fame world since they always share and show a close bond among them by engaging together in many online activities.

She has a cousin named Jeremiah Perkins who she is also a Chicken Girls Star web series. However they have never introduced their parents to their social media accounts. Although, recently Daniella mentioned about her parents particularly her father who died in 2018 and she said that together with her family is now coping up with his departure

Daniella Perkins Dating History And Marriage Details

She began dating a rapper and singer by the name Zach Clayton in the year 2017, which is best known by his stage name BadZach. The boyfriend has many singles in his music career like Face to Face, off white, Odd Petals. Later both denied their relationship stopped their dating relationship due to unkown reasons that they didn’t share to the public.

After break up in his first dating relationship, Daniella begun dating another R & B singer called Marteen Estevez. Unfortunately the new relationship did not last for a long period and they ended up breaking up. Therefore currently Daniella is single.

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