Danny Porush Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

If you have seen the Wolf of Wall Street then you definitely know Danny Porush. The movie, based on a true story, is set on Danny Porush. Jonah Hill played the life of Danny Porush in the movie with so much art and grace. A good reason to catch the movie, no? Should be.

Daniel Mark Porush was born in February 1957 to a Jewish family in Nassau County, New York in the United States of America. He attended the Lawrence Woodmere Academy and then proceeded to Dickinson College, and then to Boston University. He however did not graduate and moved from one job to the other for some time.

Danny Porush is American businessperson and former stockbroker. He is famous for running a fraudulent stock scheme in the 1990s in a corporation based in Stratton Oakmont. He went to prison alongside his friend, Jordan Belfort. Except for the fact that he got for four years while Belfort got two years in prison.

Danny Porush Age, Height And Ethnicity

Daniel Porush is 63 years old, an American national, is 1.77 metres tall, and weighs approximately 78 kilograms.

Danny Porush Career Details

In the late 80s, Danny Porush and Jordan Belfort started a brokerage called Stratton Oakmont on Long Island in New York, with Porush as the President and Belfort as the Chairman. The brokerage dealt with over the counter stocks, also known as penny stocks. In 1989, the brokerage drew a lot of attention to itself following the disciplinary action applied on the company by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the National Association of Securities Dealer (NASD). The authorities found that Stratton Oakmont was involved in inflating the price of owned stock also known as pump and dump. In 1994, Porush became Chairperson and CEO of Stratton Oakmont.

In 1996, NASD expelled Stratton Oakmont and fined Porush 250,000 dollars for the fraud. The stockbroker later pleaded guilty to 10 counts of money laundering and security fraud in 1999. Porush left prison on probation in 2004 after serving 39 months. After his release, Porush worked as a truck driver before he was involved with Med-Care Diabetic and Medical Supplies and subjected to hearings at the Congress following accusations of Medicare fraud. Jordan went on to become a motivational speaker, making up to 150,000 dollars per booking.

In 2007, Jordan Belfort gave a memoir, which Martin Scorsese used in 2013 to make ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

Danny Porush Marriage And Family Details

Danny married his first cousin, Nancy who was 24 at the time, and him 29 in 1986. By then, the man was living and running a business in New York when they fell in love. They had three children. They started at a humble beginning, living in a two-bedroom garden apartment in Queens. Nancy pushed Danny to talk to Jordan Belfort having seen him severally at the gym. Shortly after, Danny took an exam to obtain his stockbroker licence. Afterwards, Belfort invited Danny to work with him at his company. He made his first 30,000 dollars from the firm and started Stratton Oakmont. From there the rest was history for the Porushs.

When Danny went to prison, the marriage was on the rocks and they divorced in 1998. Porush had an affair with his then mistress, Lisa Krause, which led to a child. Lisa already had three children from past relationships. He married Lisa in 2000.
Danny served Nancy Porush a lawsuit during her son Bar Mitzvah. He refused to provide child support claiming that he could not afford to pay 5,500 dollars.

Danny Porush Net Worth

Mr. Porush currently owns a Medical Supply company based in Florida. Despite his famous scandal, many do not trust him. He made his riches from looting and ripping people off. As of 2020, Daniel Mark Porush’s net worth is approximately 10 million dollars.

Daniel Porush does not shy away from flaunting his multimillion-dollar lifestyle, flying out in private jets to private islands on Fridays with his wife, wearing designer clothes, fleets of expensive vehicles and million dollar condos. He is even rumoured to have bought matching Rolls Royce with his wife. Porush and Lisa colluded to put all property and money under her name so that he can evade paying back the people he owes money. Despite confiscating his cars and homes, the scammer still has some money up his wife’s sleeves.

In an interview with the Mother Jones magazine, Porush denied being involved with all the inequities depicted in the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

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