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Dave Canterbury Is Married To Wife Iris Canterbury. Know His Age, Career, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings

Dave’s full name is Dave Michael Canterbury. He was born on 19th of September 1963 in Florida, United States of America. Dave has always been a multitalented guy. He is a perfect fisherman with an extraordinary diver. He served a long time as a military personnel.

Dave being a military personal has a wonderful personality & is appearing on reality shows over Discovery channel, social media & other networks where he is continuous teaching various survival tricks in adverse conditions.

Dave Canterbury has written many best seller books on survival which people have appreciated him on his work.

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Dave Canterbury Parents And Siblings

His family lived in Ohio where there is no such detailed information available about his sibling’s & parent’s.

Dave Canterbury Body Measurements

Dave Canterbury stands 1.64m tall & weighs around 72 kg having long beard giving him a cooler look.

Dave Canterbury Career Details

He started his career in the year 1981 by joining army & served for good long 6 six years. He was being promoted as a Sargent in his army career. After serving his first job he was working as a fisherman & was working in reptile farm in Ohio and in between worked as a diver too. When he heard the news that discovery channel was looking for a personality for their new show naming “Dual Survival” he decided to apply for the same.

Apart from this Dave has written many books and were best sellers on the market which were written on the theme of survival itself.

Later after the controversy he had with his previous work documents & his suspension from Discovery channel, he was again re-hired by Nation geographic channel for a new reality survival show as a co-start naming “Dirty Rotten Survival.”

Dave Canterbury is the founder & co-owner of the school naming Pathfinder where he teaches how to survive while having no major equipment or tools. Because of his great skills he has almost 1500 students across the nation & Pathfinder School is considered as the top 10 schools for survival education. He & his complete family is not only supporting him but also working along him as his profession which he feels as his great asset.

Dave Canterbury Social Media Presence

He showed his extraordinary skills of survival over the television screen by using simple tools in adverse conditions. He is equally active on social media like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter and having his own YouTube channel where he is showing & teaching the survival skills to his viewers.

Dave Canterbury Net Worth

His net worth has been estimated around $1M. his major earnings are from the various reality shows that he did.

Dave Canterbury Married Life

He is married and settled in Ohio, living with his wife Iris Canterbury who is working as an editor for him & his two kids naming Skylar & Omere.

Dave Canterbury Children

He has two kids from his wife Iris naming Skylar & Omere.

Dave Canterbury Controversy

In 2011, while he was working in the show of Dual Survival the authorities got to know that he had entered in to the show by giving false information about his military career. They cross verified his documents & Dave was found guilty & was immediately suspended from the show. Dave even issued an apology in the year 2014. But despite all of these false actions Dave still has a huge fan following & was further hired by National Geographic channel for another reality show on survival. People do follow his tricks & the survival information which he provides through his various networks.

Dave Canterbury Achievements

  • Military Sargent in the period 1981-87.
  • Author of best sellers like Bush Craft, Advanced Bush craft which were complete success and had all the positive reviews giving Dave’s career a new boost.
  • Reality Actor in “Dual Survival & Dirty Rotten Survival”.
  • Founder & Co-owner of Pathfinder School.

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