David Fahrenthold Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight, Campaign Management

Donald Trump still rues the day David Fahrenthold was appointed to cover his campaign and administrator. The Texan reporter uncovered many secrets in the Trump campaign which remains a stain on his reputation till date. Here’s complete info on David you need to know;

David Fahrenthold Bio, Wiki, Age, Early Life

David Fahrenthold was born in Houston, Texas on January 3, 1978. He is currently 42. Fahrenthold currently works as a columnist, political analyst, and reporter in the US. He’s an award-winning reporter and mostly writes for the Washington Post.

David Fahrenthold Education Details

Fahrenthold attended Memorial High School, and moved further to grab a History degree magna cum laude from Harvard University.

David Fahrenthold Career Details

David’s career in journalism kicked off with an internship in Seattle. He worked for the Seattle Times for a summer before taking up a role at the Washington Post in 2000.
With the Post, David’s first engagement was to cover the cover the Columbia District Met. Police Dept., the government, and Congress.

After his first assignment, Fahrenthold also covered New England and issues concerning the environment. He moved to the Post’s politics team in 2010 after his first two tasks.
Fahrenthold became a contributor for CNN for thirteen months. He also held a role as a political consultant for MSNBC and NBC News respectively.

Fahrenthold gained public attention with his covering of the 2016 US presidential election. His focus was on the Trump Foundation and its activities mostly around charitable giving.

David was able to investigate Donald Trump’s claims prior to the election of his charitable works totaling in millions of dollars. Fahrenthold was able to track down most of the charities listed as beneficiaries by the Trump Foundation.

After his investigation, it was discovered that the Trump Foundation actually gave to one charity through an eight year period, among 400+ charities listed.

This report shed more light on the candidate’s fundraising practices and led to his foundation’s ban from raising any money in New York City.

Due to his impeccable reporting, Fahrenthold became a reference point for a lot of purposes against Donald Trump. His report was referred to in a campaign effort for Hilary Clinton by President Barack Obama.

Other sources such as the Poynter Institute, Brian Stelter, and CNN made references to Fahrenthold’s work prior to the election.

David Fahrenthold Net Worth

From his career as a columnist, reporter, and analyst, David has amassed a decent amount of cash for his talent. Web sources list his net worth at around $1 – $5 million in 2020.

David Fahrenthold Dating History

Fahrenthold isn’t dating anyone at the moment. He’s currently in a long-term commitment with no chance of letting up soon.

David Fahrenthold Girlfriend

Fahrenthold doesn’t have a girlfriend at the moment. And based on his marital status, there’s no pointer to him having any in the future.

David Fahrenthold Wife

David Fahrenthold got married to Elizabeth Lewis in 2005. An Episcopal priest conducted the nuptials during the ceremony which saw the families of David and Elizabeth in attendance.

David Fahrenthold Parents

David was born to Texans Peter and Jeane Fahrenthold. Peter Fahrenthold is a risk management director while his mother Jeane is an elementary school teacher.

David Fahrenthold Kids

Fahrenthold’s marriage to Lewis for more than a decade should have led to at least one conception. But there’s no word on if the couple have a baby. There’s also no word on if the couple are expecting.

David Fahrenthold Body Measurements

David has a slender build with an obviously tall frame. There’s no accurate measurement of the reporter in circulation right now. Should it become public, we’d make sure you’re among the first to know.

David Fahrenthold Cars And House

Fahrenthold doesn’t like making his private life open to the public. Aside from the name of his wife and parents, very little is known about Fahrenthold. Among the unknowns are his car(s) and house(s).

What we do know is that the couple lives in Washington where David currently works.

David Fahrenthold Awards

In 2017, Fahrenthold received the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting for covering then candidate Trump’s alleged donations to charity in 2016. He was also recognized for his coverage of the 2016 US presidential election.

It may not sound like a credit, but David is also the first reporter to use the term ‘fat a** in a glass’ on the Post in 2006.

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