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Denis Rodman Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Ex-Wife Carmen Electra, Divorce

Known as “the worm” for his rebounding abilities, Denis Rodman is known for his basketball career, playing for 5 different teams including the Chicago Bulls & Los Angeles Lakers.

Denis Rodman Marriage Details

Born on May 13, 1961 Rodman has had a cloudy personal life, marrying his first wife Annie Bakes in September 1992 and divorcing her only 82 days later, but not before having a kid. Then on November 14, 1998 he married model Carmen Electra, but this relationship would soon also come to an end when she filed for divorce in April 1999. His third marriage with Michelle Moyer was the first to last for a significant period of time, starting in in 2003 when he married her on his 42nd birthday, buttheir marriage also ended in 2012 and Rodman has remained unmarried ever since. Among his other relationships Rodman briefly dated singer Madonna, although it is unknown for how long as he only mentioned it during an interview back in 1995.

Denis Rodman Career Details

Standing in at 2.01m and 103 kg, Rodman who is now 59 years old is still an active face in the basketball community, but he has used his celebrity status for political reasons including back in 2015 when he publicly endorsed Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Listed as one of the best NBA players of all time, Rodman has won 2 championships with the Detroit Pistons and another 3 with the Chicago Bulls, making him one of the most famous faces in the industry. Probably one of the more recent events Rodman is known for are his visits to North Korea where he met the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who is apparently a big fan of Rodman and basketball in general.

Denis Rodman Net Worth And Earnings

Although reported that his estimated career earnings in the NBA amount to $27 million, Rodman is currently standing at approximately $500,000 net worth as years of spending after retirement have had an effect on his savings, including divorce costs and child support, as in 2012 it was reported that Rodman owed $800,000 in child and spousal support.

Denis Rodman Parents And Siblings

Born in Trenton, New Jersey as the son of Shirley and Philander Rodman Jr., a Vietnam war veteran, it is claimed that his father had 47 children, out of which Rodman stated that he is the oldest.

When he was young, his father left for the Phillipines where he settled for the next decades, so him and Rodman have been apart until 2012 when he made a trip to the Philippines to rekindle with his father. Being raised by his mother, Rodman and his sisters Debra and Kim grew up in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas and apparently basketball has been running in the family blood since birth, as both his sisters would go on to become All-Americans at Louisiana Tech and Stephen F. Austin and Debra even won two national titles with the Lady Techsters.

Denis Rodman Controversies

After a suicide attempt in 1993, Rodman started appearing more in the controversy spotlight as he often clashed with rival players on the field and he started dying his hair in artificial colors, while also getting more piercings and tattoos in order to craft a more “bad boy” persona, which he still puts on display to this day.

Denis Rodman House And Cars

Currently living in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan where he owns a large house with an extensive backyard, Rodman has lived in many places over the years including a large estate with a 5,000-square-foot interior in Orange County, California, which he sold for $1.1 million in the late 90s. Rodman also owned an impressive fleet of luxury cars including the Hummer H1 in which he was seen many times cruising during his career in the NBA, as well as a Lamborghini Gallardo showing off a custom paint job with his face printed on the doors. Among the other cars he’s owned we find the 1996 Porsche 993TT, a 1959 Cadillac Convertible as well as a Bentley Continental Black and Gold, a Ford Mustang convertible and a pickup truck, although it has been reported that he has sold some of them as of late.

Denis Rodman Lifestyle

When it comes to spending habits, Rodman has a history of spending money in strip clubs and expensive parties with a particular interest in alcohol, as many have called him an alcoholic over the years, but not one who drinks the cheap stuff either. Apart from the legal troubles which have cost him millions of dollars over the years, he also went through a bad experience with his financial advisor Peggy Ann Fulford who claimed that Rodman’s financial troubles were completely due to his own spending habits, but that proved to be untrue when she was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2018 for interstate transportation of stolen property after managing to funnel millions from Rodman’s accounts over the years.

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