Different stages of healing bone Fractured

When you met an accident can you imagine what can occur to a broken bone? Broken bone can heal if different steps are followed let is look on different stages that one need to follow;

Stage of Inflammatory

After the bone is fractured inflammatory stage begins and can last for several days and there is a growth of hematoma in the fractured area. The cells of inflammatory are destroyed and fibroblast which includes macrophages and monocytes infiltrate damage.

Further the granulation tissues are formatted along vascular tissues growth. It is considered to be an early stage where there is the exposure of cancellous bone and muscle that provide oxygen and primary nutrients. If cytotoxic or anti-inflammatory medication is taken at this stage the bone healing may be damage.

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Phase of Reparative

It is the second stage of bone fractured healing. The inner lining of the bone periosteal replicate so as to form chondroblasts after a few days of the fracture.

There is a creation of net like structure that appears after chondroblasts fill the gap which is between the broken bones. Hyaline cartilage is formed due to the development of fibroblast in granulation tissues is into chondroblasts. The process may continue until the fractured gap is completely filled and the process is called callus formation.

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Remodeling Process

It is the last stage of the healing of a fractured bone and it is mostly referred to as the cleaning stage. In this stage the bone that was fracture returns to its original state, becomes strong and has also mechanical shape. However the stage is slow and it can take months or years which will depend on the damage of the bone.Aditionally mechanical stress is also needed in the healing process and within 3-8 month the actual strength is achieved.

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