Doing first aid on a broken Ankle

Knowing the first aid for a broken ankle is very important and below is information that can be very helpful. The pain of broken arm, ankle or other pain is so hurting like hell. One needs to know the sprain or fracture before providing any first aid.

Below are the symptoms of identifying a fracture

  • Broken ankle first aid
  • Unable to stand on the ankle
  • Bruising in the affected area
  • Swelling in the affected area
  • Feeling numbness or tingling sensation in the affected area
  • Unable to move the ankle properly
  • Deformity of the ankle shape
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First Aid to Broken Ankle tips

When one experiences those symptoms then there is a broken ankle. One need to call for an emergency when a person is unable to move the feet, heavy bleeding, when a person is in a shock and also a blue ankle .Further one can use the following tips for the first aid.

  • The person needs to be in a much secured place
  • Raise the leg slowly and rest the ankle in a pillow in order to control the swelling in the affected area. Next take pack of ice and press gently in the swelling area and if a pack is unavailable put the ice in a towel and press gently.
  • When one broken bone is seen outside the skin one should not return it to the original form instead take the bandage and cover the broken skin and take him or her to the hospital for further treatment.
  • When there is a wound in order to control one should take a piece of cloth and place on top of the affected area and for 15 minutes apply the pressure directly to the wound. Put another cloth if it is soaked with blood and after that take the person to the doctor.
  • A person is given pain killer to control the pain.
  • Lastly after taking this step one should take the person to the hospital.

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