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Don Wildman Is Happily Married To Wife Melissa Haizlip. Know His Net Worth, Gay Rumours

Don Wildman is 59 years old ( as of May, 2020)and was born on March 27, 1961 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Don Wildman Net Worth

Around $600 thousand.

Don Wildman Salary

About $52,401 yearly.

About Don Wildman

Don Wildman is a TV host, a narrator and has also worked in some films including “New York Waiting”. Currently he is working for Travel Channel with show projects like Off Limits, Mysteries at the Museum(from 2010) and Monumental Mysteries.

In the show “Mysteries at the Museum” which casts on travel channel, Don travels as a host travels America’s national monuments. He enjoys Scuba diving.

Don Wildman Education Details

Talking about his educational background, he graduated in 1979 from Westtown School in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana. When he realized he wanted to be an actor, he studied acting from “The Drama Studio”, London, England.

Don Wildman Nationality


Don Wildman Ethnicity


Don Wildman Career Details

In very starting days of his career, he has worked as a waiter in restaurants. Coming from a family background of teachers, he started his career as a school teacher in the beginning but he changed his career paths after joining Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana and decided to become an Actor. To give a good start to his acting career, he joined “The Drama Studio” in London, England. He is first work as a host was for the ESPN’s ‘Men’s Journal’.

Don Wildman Marriage Details

He is married to film maker and director Melissa Haizlip.

Don Wildman Children

No children yet.

Don Wildman Gay Rumors

Firstly, he married to Marissa Haizlip who is a female so him being gay is most probably a rumor.

Interesting Facts About Don Wildman

  • He has been hoarding lots of sunglasses especially of the brand named “Persel”. And when it comes to packing clothes for travel and stuff, he takes quiet a lot of time and procrastinates although he loves travelling. His travelling interest developed from him hosting the show “Weird Travels”. Carnegie hall, Marais in Paris are a few of the places he has enjoyed travelling to. He loves having conversations with the waiters in parties. There is this “British Museum” in London that Wildman loves to visit.
  • He loves animals like dogs and cats as pets. Maybe he likes cats more as he had 2 cats.
  • In his Travel Bag, you can find books and especially Moleskine books, a Fujifilm instant Camera, clothes of course, a Clipper, a Lithium Flashlight, band-aids(after all First-aid is important), manicure, stationary, and let’s not forget the iPod.

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