Dr. Petra Mickova Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Married, Husband Dr. Jeff Young

Dr. Petra is in her 50s(as of May, 2020) as she was born in 1969 (some sources say 1970) in Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic in central Europe.

Dr. Petra Mickova Education Details

There is very less information available about her family background and education. She did attend school at her birth place Slovakia.

Dr. Petra Mickova Ethnicity

She is Caucasian and holds dual citizenship i.e.both American and Slovakian.

Dr. Petra Mickova Nationality


Dr. Petra Mickova Other Name

Petra Young( Due to marriage with Dr. Jeff Young).

About Dr. Petra Mickova

Petra Mickova is an experienced veterinarian, a reality TV personality who works at the Planned Pethood Plus Clinic, a veterinary clinic located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado founded by her husband Jeff Young, a vet and a T.V. personality in 1990. She gained popularity because of her work and marriage relationship with Dr. Jeff.

She and Dr. Jeff both had been compassionate about animals from an early age, and used to learn and practice helping injured or diseased animals.

Petra and Dr. Jeff appeared on “Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet Cat Case Files” and “Dr. Jeff: Double Dose”.

Dr. Petra Mickova Net Worth

Her net worth is $300,000 as of 2020 which comes from her successful veterinary career and TV shows.

Dr. Petra Mickova Ethnicity

She is Caucasian.

Dr. Petra Mickova Marriage Details

She is married to Dr. Jeff Young and married on 9th December, 2014. They never revealed anything about when their relationship status changed but it was known when Dr. Petra started using her name as “Dr. Petra Young”. They were co-workers before the marriage.

They first met in 2010 when Petra joined the Planned Pethood Plus Clinic for the first time.

Petra is not the first wife of Dr. Jeff who had three children from his first marriage.
They live near the clinic.

Dr. Petra Mickova Children

She has no child with Dr. Jeff. But Jeff was a divorcee and had 3 children already of which Petra is very close to his daughter Melody Obuobisa who is also practicing at their clinic.

Dr. Petra Mickova Career Details

Growing up in Czechoslovakia, Dr. Petra decided to pursue veterinary career in the US. She worked at various animal clinics enhancing her veterinary skills and is a highly appreciated vet. She also learnt animal surgery, rescues animals and other field procedures.

Her career took her to Dr. Jeff Young’s clinic Planned Pethood Plus and she further has been appearing as a vet in various shows along with Jeff. Most of the shows they worked air on Animal Planet. This how is focused on Dr. Jeff and his staff including Dr. Petra and live animal operations done by them saving so many lives.

Meet Dr. Petra Mickova Husband Jeff Young

Dr. Jeff, born on the 14th April 1956, in Indiana USA is a veterinary doctor, surgeon, animal rescuer and due to passionate love for animals, he kept his services very affordable.

Her husband has performed over 160,000 animal surgeries and has been training veterinary doctors. After his high school was over, he studied veterinary medicine in Colorado State University and started working as a welfare officer in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Using Human Society Boards, he has been giving out valuable information related to vet related work.

He was diagnosed with cancer(B-cell Lymphoma) during the second final of the show in 2016 when doctors discovered an 8 cm mass in his lung and had to cut his gray hair for chemotherapy. Dr. Petra took care of him.

He became famous in with his veterinary work and his YouTube videos. This led him to work with Double Act for the show Mountain Vet.

Dr. Petra Mickova Social Media Presence

Petra isn’t active on any social media. But she can be seen on her husband’s social media accounts.

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