Early Symptoms of Bronchitis

Every disease has particular characteristic and symptoms, and Bronchitis is not an exception. Bronchitis is a respiratory disorder that causes inflammation of bronchi in the lungs. The disease affects many people across the world. It is important to note that early symptoms may be mistaken with flu or cold. However, doctors have recommended that the right diagnosis should be made in a laboratory test to determine the disease.

Common and early symptoms of the disease

Some of the common symptoms of bronchitis that a person may be wary of are indicated below:-

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Persistent Cough

It is the most common symptom that is associated with bronchitis. A persistent cough can last for more than twenty days. Those with severe cough may produce a mucus-like substance that is very slimy. Whenever the mucus appears yellow or green, this might be as a result of bacterial infection. Sometimes the patient may experience dry cough even after the person is infected. This can occur for days or even weeks.

Mild Symptoms

There are two types of bronchitis; it can be either acute or chronic. The signs of acute bronchitis may be different from chronic bronchitis symptoms. Moreover, acute bronchitis has symptoms that are very similar to flu or the common cold, fever, wheezing and fatigue, chest and throat pain. Other common symptoms of bronchitis are congestion, chills, and malaise.

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Serious Signs

There are severe symptoms of the infection that can be very dangerous to our health. Some of these symptoms include; breathlessness, chest pain, fever, attack by acute bronchitis, and finally frequent disturbance of air passage with mucus flow.

The patient suffering from bronchitis may also suffer from severe cough, which increases during the winter period. Moreover, a cough may increase during summers. Other symptoms but not common ones are purple lips as a result of low oxygen supply, swollen legs- feet and ankles and various respiratory diseases like cold and flu.

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