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Eileen Hsieh is a bilingual journalist and travel blogger born in China. She is a Taiwanese journalist who is based in London and is a former host of CNN’s weekly Chinese program which aired for two years (2009 – 2011). She was born in Taiwan and speakers Taiwanese and English fluently, making her bilingual.

Eileen Hsieh Career Details

Eileen works as a freelance journalist and is a content creator who has worked as a reporter and producer for the Cable Network News which she joined in 2000. Her main job on CNN was reporting international news as it happened and she covered a very big story on the Iraq war in 2003 and also the 2004 United States presidential election. She traveled to Baghdad for Saddam Hussein’s execution in December 2006. She also went to Athens in December two years later to cover the story on the Anarchist riots in Greece. Eileen launching the first CNN Chinese news program in April or 2009 launched her to stardom. The show is a weekly news review and airs on the network.

She also worked for Reuters, Discovery as well as other huge Non-profit organizations. She has also given awards through a years as a journalist. She has been awarded the Peabody Award for journalism excellence. She covers stories on CNN ranging from Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding, the massive attacks that hit Japan and The Jasmine Revolution Effect. All her news article are in Chinese for her mandarin fans.

Eileen Hsieh Dating History And Marriage Details

There is no news on Eileen’s previous and current relationship. She appears to be single currently.

Eileen Hsieh Body Measurements

  • Hair color – Brown
  • Eye colour – Brown

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