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Elena Moussa Is Happily Married To Husband Greg Gutfeld. Know Their Net Worth

Anyone can go through the feeling of being overlooked when they have a famous sibling, cousin, or partner. This can happen with the known personalities as well, such as Elena Moussa. She is the wife of Greg Gutfeld, who is a famous host at Fox news channel. In this article, you will learn more about her career, annual worth important details from her personal life, husband, and kids.

Elena Moussa’s Married Life With Husband Greg Gutfeld

Greg Gutfeld field is a famous personality, and we can get a lot of information about him on the Internet. However, his wife Elena Moussa is not that popular, even though she is a famous personality and has worked hard to gain success and good annual worth.

She is mostly in the news due to the relations with her husband, who is a famous Host on the Fox news channel. She is not very open about her personal life or husband on media platforms. However, the couple is known to lead a happy married life.

The couple met in London, UK and started their married life soon after. Currently, they do not have any kids, but that does not seem to affect their happy married life.

Elena Moussa Career Details

Elena Moussa started her career as a fashion designer and social media personality. She used to live in Russia and moved to London to advance her career. She currently owns a clothing line called Moussa Project and recently branched out through social media using Twitter and Instagram. Her Twitter account has over 2,000 followers who are started in June 2011 and over 7.6 K followers on Instagram page. She has an annual worth of around 1-2 million dollars, which she has earned in a very short period, showing her confidence in her profession.

Elena Moussa Parents

Elena Moussa was never open publicly about her personal life and the background of her family. The only available information about her is that she was born in Russia and later moved to London, where she met her husband and eventually decided to settle in New York City after marriage. There is no public information about her parents.

Elena Moussa Bio: Age, Early Life, Education

Elena Moussa was born in Russia on 4th May 1982 her current age is 36 years. She is happily married to Greg Gutfeld, who is presently 54 years of age. Elena Moussa has a very successful career in fashion designing and social media. However, she is more famous for being the wife of Greg Gutfeld who hosts the” Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld” on Fox News Channel. He was born on 12th September 1964 in San Mateo, California, USA and is a graduate from the University of California in Berkley, in the year 1987 with a bachelor’s degree in Arts. He is also a famous humorist and satirist and has worked as a TV personality, editor, producer, author, and blogger. Both of them are currently residing in New York City, USA.

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