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Ethan Cutkosky, a young American actor was born on 19th of August in the year 1999 in Geneva, Illinois. His birth name is Ethan Francis Cutkosky. He belongs to a mixture of quite many ethnicities which include Polish, Scottish, Irish, Mexican and English. He is popularly known for his roles as Barto in The Unborn and as Carl Gallagher in Shameless series.

Ethan Cutkosky entered into this starry world at a young age and received quite a fame from the very starting. He is already a star in the acting world only at 21 years of age.

Ethan Cutkosky Parents

Cutkosky had quite a dynamic childhood with all the acting commitments and side by side completing his required education. His parents are very supportive and he is very close to his mother. His father’s name is David Cutkosky and mother’s name is Yvonne Cutkosky. Presently he lives with his family in a beautiful area in Chicago and is quite famous for being people’s man even at family gatherings. He is a big-time animal lover and even has a pet cat named Bear.

Ethan Cutkosky Career Details

Ethan Cutkosky’s first break in the entertainment world came along when director David S. Goyer chose him to play the role of Barto in his horror movie The Unborn. He was just nine years old then. In this movie which came out in 2009, the role played by him was of Jewish boy’s ghost named Barto. And then there was no turning back.

He appeared in numerous movies and very popular TV series as well. He eventually starred in famous movies like Fred Claus and Conviction. His TV series era started with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and he was also part of Shameless (2011-present) which helped him earn his giant fortune.

However, during his teenage years with too much exposure, he stumbled and was arrested in 2017 and was charged with a misdemeanour DUI which led to six months jail and $1000 fine.

At present Cutkosky is working with the team of Shameless TV series which is his longest-running appearance on TV. In this show, he plays the role of Carl Gallagher. In 2018 he celebrated its 100th episode and counting. As of now the show is working on their next season and is currently under production in LA.

Along with his acting career, Ethan now wants to dive into the business world and is planning to launch his clothing brand focusing on streetwear. The name of the brand was recently disclosed i.e. ‘Khaotic Collective.’, He got the inspiration to start the venture from china town market founders Mike Cherman and Virgil Abloh who he defines as his biggest inspirations.

Ethan Cutkosky Dating History And Marriage Details

According to the last sightings, Ethan Cutkosky’s girlfriend’s name is Brielle Barbusca. One can see abundant pictures of them on Instagram with loads of PDA and jaw-dropping images. The two began dating in the year 2015 and it been 5 years since then. We hope they are going strong and strengthening along the way. They have been spotted in public sightings together and even on many award shows. His lady luck is a year older to him but one cannot miss the compatibility that the duo share.

However, it has been recently observed that all of a sudden all of his girlfriend’s pictures have been removed from his account. It is rumoured that they are heading towards a split but there are no concrete reports for that. Let us see how things turn.

Ethan Cutkosky Gay Rumours

Due to Ethan Cutkosky’s popularity and abundance of male friends the rumour of him being Gay started. However, it must be noted that it is all a sham. Ethan Cutkosky is not gay and is very much ready to mingle with the ladies and race their hearts on.

Ethan Cutkosky Net Worth

This 21-year-old actor started his career when he was 9 years old. So his fortune is bound to be far and beyond. A major portion of his earnings come from movies and he is getting a big fat paycheck every year for his performance in Tv series Shameless. His net worth is estimated to be around $1 Million. His first film The Unborn which was produced with a budget of $16 million had a box office collection of $76.5 million.

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