Food for healthy bones that one should eat

Two of the essential nutrients that one should consume are vitamin D and calcium. One should include different type of food in their meal to get strong bones. For supporting the teeth and bone, structure calcium is responsible for it, and improvement f bone growth, vitamin D is responsible for it.
One should consume the food that is rich in the two nutrients for healthy bones. 1000 milligram of calcium and 200 IU of the vitamin should be consumed by adults up to the age of fifty every day. Adults above 50 years should consume 1200 milligram of calcium and 600 IU of vitamin D.

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Below are some of the food for healthy bones

Salmon fish

Salmon is one of the types of fish that is rich in vitamin D.It is considered to be the best source of calcitonin that helps to improve the density of the bone an prevents bone diseases.


Eggs are one of the best, and it contains 6% vitamin D that is required by the human body and also it is known to be the best in getting vitamin D which is mostly found on the yolk. One should not go for the white because it cuts calories.

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Dark and leafy Green vegetables

Vegetables like watercress, turnip green, spinach, broccoli, and collard green are very important, and one should include one of them their meal because they are rich in calcium.


Sunlight is the best source of getting vitamin D, but also some food like Yogurt can help a lot with vitamin D because it is creamy, and one can also acquire calcium.


They are known to be very tiny fish but very rich in vitamin D and calcium. They carry savory taste despise appearing odd, and it is delicious in salads and pasta.

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