HGTV Star Steve Ford Bio,Age, Career, Net Worth, Family

Steve Ford; a reality television star, specialist in construction and modern homes, who is known for his famous television show “Restored by the Fords” is an American having 42 years of age and is one of the best home contractor of the decade. Despite being a celebrity he is very humble and generous personality. He always posts photos of his social work for humanity and for reformation of the society on his social media platforms.

He has 31.5k followers on the instagram. He has two siblings Leanne Ford and Michelle Ford. His star is Sagittarius. Steve belongs to Pittsburg, he along with his sisters are the middle class kids of 80s and had seen nothing glamorous in their lives as kids. He promotes modern construction work and always endorsed smart homes with endless facilities of the current time.

HGTV Star Steve Ford Career Details

He along with his sister and co-star Leanne Ford anchored the famous television show “Restored by the Fords”. The sibling couple has collected huge recognition and appreciation from the fans. The techniques and ideas presented in the show about construction of modern homes and interior designing are well appreciated by the viewers. This show is in fact a big hit and has milestones of high ratings. All of this started when Leanne Ford bought an old schoolhouse and approached her brother to renovate and reconstruct into a new home, with ample space and latest specifications.

Before capturing the construction industry, Steve Ford was indulged in snowboarding and skiing professionally but it did not touch his heart much. His professional interest was construction and contracting of modern home, which he later found out and mastered in. Steve Ford has very good quality of assessing the space and structure of any construction and turn it into a spacious, airy and worth living place. He never left fear or any hurdle that comes in the way of a great idea.

Is HGTV Star Steve Ford Married To Wife?

Concentrating on the personal life of Steve Ford it is necessary to mention that he is not married until now but in past he was engaged in a relationship with Sara, which he himself disclosed on the social media. The two realized that they are not ideal match for each other and parted ways. Although that relationship did not work out for long but taught many lessons for future relationships. Leanne Ford once revealed that Sara is engaged in another relationship which resulted in separation of Steve and Sara.

Steve and Leanne were best friends since childhood. They were always together, working each other out of tough situations and difficult times. Leanne was a shy girl who lived in a life made in her own imaginations. Whereas Steve was unconventional and unusual, which is why, he faced immense coercion and intimidation at school. Their parents also supported them equally by encouraging them for hard work and innovation. This made them confident on what they are doing is right. Steve gained interest in snowboarding and skiing and opened his own clothing store placed in Pittsburgh but end up in finding his aspiration for construction when he decorated and renovated Leanne’ bathroom. On the other hand Leanne studied clothing but eventually got passion in interior designing. The duo got together and started their construction and home decoration business whose success can be calculated by the recognition their show has got. Their collaboration is very special, together they can renovate anything.

HGTV Star Steve Ford Net Worth

The net worth of Steve Ford is $2 million approximately which includes his income from his clothing store, construction and contracting business and his television show which has all time high ratings. His worth would increase with time. This show not only gives him monetary benefits but enormous fame as well. As the ratings of the show grew higher, his net worth will bulge up rapidly. Concurrently with fame, it is a hope that he manages to find a perfect match for himself , who take cares of the personal affairs of Steve and his home.

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