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How Did Tom Petty Die? Know His Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height And Weight At Death

The name Tom Petty is a special one in the world of music. His full name is Tom Earl Petty. Besides being a famous rock musician, Petty was also a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and actor. Petty’s unique and new root-oriented guitar rock created a new wave movement in the late 1970s and this had helped Petty with a lot hit singles and albums.

Tom Petty Early Life And Career Details

Tom petty was born in Gainesville, Florida on October 20th, 1950. He was born in a middle class American family. His mother Katherine Petty, was a local tax office worker while his father Earl Petty worked at a grocery store. His relationship with his father was strained. Petty had two other brothers and he was the eldest. At a tender age of 10 Petty was introduced to his famous uncle Elvis Presley in Florida and this gave rise to his interest in rock and roll music. Soon he took to the guitar while dropping out of high school and began touring with his band Mudcrutch. However, post his arrival at L.A this band got disintegrated. But this did not dishearten Petty. He along with his former band partners and a few others joined together to form Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. The band’s music albums became smash hits worldwide. Petty was not a mild mannered person at all. On one occasion in 1984 he shattered the wall of his studio in frustration. But his grit and determination made him recover soon and he started playing the guitar again. The immensely talented musician earned his first Grammy in the year 1989. Petty partnered with Bob Dylan, Beatle George Harrison, Roy Orbison, and Jeff Lynne in the super group the Traveling Wilbury and this group bagged the coveted Grammy. This iconic musician won the Grammy three times and was nominated for eighteen times in his entire career. “Free Fallin’ is one of the most famous hit singles of Petty which was a part of the album Full Moon Fever and it was produced by Lynne. This success encouraged Petty to go for more solo albums. 1994s saw Petty releasing one of his most successful solo albums -Wildflowers. Although this album was marketed as a solo it did feature other artists from the Heartbreakers like guitarist Campbell. From 1976–1987 Petty was mostly associated with the band Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. In the period from 1988–1991Petty was more busy with his solo career and his association with the famous Traveling Wilburys. The period between 1991–2017 saw Petty moving to the iconic Warner Bros. Records. He also had a very illustrious acting career. In 1978 Petty made his debut appearance in films. FM (1978), The Postman (1997), Made in Heaven (1987) are some of the films Petty had acted in. He has also appeared in many documentaries. Echo in the Canyon (2018) is one of the well known music documentaries in which Petty had featured. He also appeared in a lot of television series. Tom Petty was a strong proponent for artistic control and artistic freedom.

Tom Petty Personal Life And Marriage Details

Tom Petty married twice. He was first married to Jane Benyo in 1974. The couple got divorced in 1994. Petty tied the knot with Dana York in June 3, 2001. Ms York had a stepson from her earlier marriage when she got married to Petty. In 1997 Petty suffered a great setback. His house in Encino, California was set on fire by arsonists. Thanks to the firefighters, a lot could be salvaged like the basement recording studio which had the original recordings as well as his Gibson Dove acoustic guitar. Petty’s divorce with Benyo with whom he shared a 20 year relationship took a heavy toll on him and this led him to take heroin. Petty has two children with Benyo – Kimberly Violette Petty and Adria Petty. He has a stepson Dylan Petty from his second wife Dana York. Petty was a person who seriously followed Transcendental Meditation.

Tom Petty Death

Petty suffered a massive heart attack in the year 2017. This happened while Petty was celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Heartbreakers. According to doctors the cause of death was accidental overdose of medications. His final resting place was Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine, Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

Tom Petty Net worth Before Death

The estimated net worth of Tom Petty was $95 Million.

Tom Petty Body measurements At Death

The height and weight of Tom Petty was 5′ 9″ (1.76 m) and 67 kg (148 lbs).

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