How Old Is Tanmay Bakshi? Know His Girlfriend, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight

Tanmay Bakshi born in 2003 is an Indian software developer. His family moved to Canada from India in 2004. He lives in Brampton, Canada with his family. His dad is also a genius man, he is a computer programmer at a trucking company, Even he is a teacher of math and science in the evenings at the weekend.

Tamny Bakshi Bio: Age, Early Life

Tamny Bakshi, 15 years old, is a Software Developer and Designer, Keynote Speaker Writer, Algorithms, Volunteer IBM Cloud Advisor, At age seven, Bakshi set up a YouTube channel named as Tamny Bakshi where he posted lessons on coding and web development, and designing where he uploads lectures around Programming, Algorithms, Math, and Science. Tanmay has written two books and currently has one is in production. When he uploads a video or lecture on YouTube he saw the thousands on messages with question from people all over the globe, at age eight, Bakshi taught himself how to develop iOS apps and became capable for this, By age nine, he had his very first app which teaches multiplication, accepted into the Apple store. He got more success when his work took a new turn at age 11. While uploading a YouTube video, he started a documentary on the “question answering” machine IBM Watson and how it played Risk. Tanmay Bakshi, Computer programmer, artificial intelligence skillful and all-around tech remarkable.

Tamny Bakshi Career Details

He creates many applications and published a book, presented a TEDx Talk and spoken at IBM Watson summits around the world including New Zealand Finland, Australia, and Denmark. The main reason for the attention of IBM at age of 11, Bakshi create hype in the tech industry because he started in a very young age of 11.while other children playing with toys and dolls, a five-year-old Bakshi was learning and seeking knowledge how to code IBM Champion for Cloud and YouTuber. He started his very important project initiative called as Tanmay Teaches, through which he aspires to reach out to and help aspiring beginners. He also creates applications for people such as AskTanmay, the world’s first web-based NLQA System to be powered by IBM Watson. Tanmay has developed algorithms, ranging from a recursive Tower of Hanoi algorithm, which is the solution of Hanoi problem, to AskTanmay, one of his most fresh invention, When Tanmay’s father worked as a programmer, he watched intensely and made a burning wish to study what goes on with computers and how they are capable to perform commands such as displaying his name. When his father identified his immense curiosity and noticed for his intellectual qualities he gave in and taught his son, and Bakshi then made use of the internet to teach himself on the theories of coding, as well as reading as many programming books as he could lay his hands on. Tanmay has achieved quite a lot. He is categorized among the earliest cloud computing and cognitive developers, who make applications intended to expand human capabilities through deep seeking. Over the past 10 years, he has learned how to use, and also apply machine learning in many fields that range from finance, banking, to medicine and healthcare, chatbots, and music. He is formerly writing book sand offerings YouTube lectures on his channel, to help to program novices complete their goals.

Tamny Bakshi Salary

Tamny Bakshi, just a 14-year old Indian boy and become a software programmer in his younger age, IBM’s artificial intelligence stage. Bakshi, known for his wonderful intelligence, is presently working for Google with a huge salary of $1.25 million. He developed several applications and issued a book also. People will be surely amazed to know about 14-year old Tanmay Bakshi. Because we all know that salary of Rs. $1.25 million is not a small achievement. That too at the age of just 14. But Tanmay Bakshi did it with ease he got an offer from Google with $1.25 million packages..

Tamny Bakshi Net Worth

Tamny bakshi have $6 billion net worth, In his young age he has earned so much money.

Tamny Bakshi Parents

Tanmay was born in 2003 to Puneet Bakshi in India, His father is a computer programmer and Mother Sumita Bakshi is a housewife. His parents migrated from India to Canada when Tanmay was just only one year old, with his sister Tanvi bakshi. Because of Tanmay’s regular travels from one place to another, he is homeschooled by his parents and sister.

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