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Ian James Lee Bio, Age, Wife, Married, Career, Parents, Education, Net Worth

Meet Ian James Lee, a renowned Britain Based TV Journalist who was born and raised in the United States of America but currently resides in London, England where he works as a CBS correspondent.

Today, we will get to know more about the multi-award winning International news reporter and editor who has managed to make big strides as a sensitive news’ journalist at such a young age; Working with some of the biggest news channels in the world such as CNN and CBS.

We will learn about; his age, personal life, career, marriage, early life and the various awards he has attained over the years.

Ian James Lee Bio: Age, Early Life

Ian James Lee is a proud citizen of Lander, Wyoming, USA, where he was born in 1984 and raised by his two loving parents, Sue E. Lee and James E. Lee. There he attended Lander Valley High school as a teenager and was able to graduate with honours in the year 2003.

His grades earned him a spot at the prestigious Arizona State University (ASU) where he was admitted as a journalism and mass communication student. Here, he studied up until 2007 where he graduated with honours from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, ASU.

In addition to journalism, Mr. Lee also too on language studies in Arabic, studied the Islam religion and was also a proud member of the Eagle scouts during his university years.

Upon his graduation, his hard work earned him a Fulbright scholarship (one of the most enviable and prestigious scholarships in the world), giving him resources and an opportunity to work on his story research in Egypt.

Ian James Lee Dating History, Marriage Details

Mr Lee met the love of his life, Holly Mae Dagres in Cairo Egypt in the year 2013, where she worked as a Freelance analyst and commentator on middle East affairs.

Three years later, on 1st July 2016, the two walked down the aisle and said their lifelong vows to each other in a small ceremony which was held in Diamond Cross Ranch in Wyoming. The beautiful ceremony was officiated by the groom’s Godfather, Rev. Barry A. Neese.

Ian James Lee Career Details

No one reports crucial and controversial International news stories better than Ian James Lee. He began his journey as a TV journalist for a local Newspaper in Egypt, ‘The Daily News Post’ where he worked as a multimedia reporter and editor. During that time, he lived in Egypt working tirelessly to cover some of his biggest breaking stories regarding human oppression and rights violations in the country.

He worked for the Daily news post until 2011 when his journalism career took a turn landing him an opportunity to work as a correspondent for CNN. This task landed on his lap when Egypt was in total chaos after a church in Alexandria exploded on new year’s eve. As there were no CNN reporters ready to cover the story on the ground at the time, they recruited Ian James Lee to report the news for them.

However, things did not go completely smoothly for Ian Lee that year. During one of his transits when he was reporting a story on civil war between Libya and Syria, he was given some fake news regarding some fugitives which almost ended his life. As they headed to rescue the fugitives, an RPG exploded just 10 meters away from their location, sending a shrapnel right into his leg. Luckily he survived with no dire consequences.

Currently, Mr. Lee is based in London where he has been working for CBS as a correspondent ever since March 2019. Here he reports for CBS Network, CBSN and CBS news.

Major Stories Ian James Lee Has Covered

Ian James has reported on stories such as the 2011 Arab Spring, Ukraine crisis, Sochi Winter Olympics 2013, Egyptian coup d’état, 2014 Gaza war, 2016 Turkish coup d’état attempt, 2017 North Korean crisis among other major stories.

Ian James Lee Awards

  • 2008 – Fulbright scholarship
  • 2011- Emmy award for Revolution in Egypt
  • 2011-Investigative Reporters and Editors Tom Renner Award for ‘Death in the desert’.
  • 2011- Peabody ward


Having reached such great fits at only 36 years of age, risking his life in some of the most dangerous parts of the world to help liberate the oppressed or attain change for people through his news pieces, Ian James Lee serves as a great inspiration to all those who dare chase their dreams no matter what direction life takes them.

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