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Is Kindred Spirits Adam Berry Gay? Know His Bio, Age Net worth, Career, Partner Ben Griessmeyer

The paranormal adventurist, Kindred Spirits Adam Berry is one of the most renowned Ghost investigator of our time. The Sydy’s award winner excites all the ghost hunt enthusiasts in his show kindred spirits. This celestial buff have made a very successful music career for himself.

Kindred Spirits Adam Berry Bio: Age, Early Life, Education Details

He was born in March 9, 1983 in Alabama. Boston was his choice of place to complete his education and start up his own career. He did his Bachelor’s in Musical Theatre from Boston Conservatory.

The unfortunate exposure with paranormal activity made Adam more interested in this field and found the opportunity to explore it more. When he got older he had a more disturbed ghost encounter which drove his passion to explore this area even more.

In Pennsylvania, Kindred Spirits Adam Berry observed tall and white ghost like creature in a huge field. He later hear a number of gunshots and heard someone yelling. Instead of being scared, he became curious and began his quest in the paranormal world.

Kindred Spirits Adam Berry Net Worth

With a successful music/acting career, couple of haunted show series, and a real estate business, this 37 year old has an estimated net worth between 1 million dollars to 5 million dollars in 2020.

Kindred Spirits Adam Berry Paranormal Exposure Since Childhood

Adam Berry have been seeing ghosts as long as he can remember walking. It made him more curious then being scared. He found things that he could not explain which made him find more into this topic.

Kindred Spirits Adam Berry Career

His past exposure to the paranormal activities made him curious so much so that he became involved in exploring about them. At the age of nine, he observed a spirit in the body of a dog. Also, he observed his television would mysteriously lit up.

These events turned him into a kooky wistful person. He developed his whole career around it. He became the founder of Province town Paranormal Research Society which also goes by PPRS. He produced his very own reality show which was based on ghost activities which ran by the name Ghost Hunter’s Academy. His show was critically acclaimed and won many accolades because of the investigative skills of his team and himself.

His theatre background enabled him to make his show so successful. Initially, considering his educational background and expertise, he participated in a number of theatre competitions.

Is Kindred Spirits Adam Berry Gay?

Adam Berry is openly gay and proud. He felt pride and dignity without any humiliation. He announced on a national television show. Adam Berry and his husband made a perfect gay couple even at the time when people find it difficult to come out like this in the public. His husband and himself have been so dedicated to each other and support each other which made them survive all the negativity.

Kindred Spirits Adam Berry Partner And Married Life

Adam kept his love life completely private from the rest of the world. However, his love life became popular when he married Adam. Adam Berry is openly gay. He married Ben Griessmeyer in 2012. They mutually share the passion and dedication for investigating paranormal activity. Ben also studied Theatre arts and did a lot of theatre work which led him to earn numerous accolades. They are both each other’s a ray of sunlight in the dark force they drive. They did numerous work together as they share the same passion. Regardless, how harsh media can be to some celebrities, there have been nothing negative about this power pack couple.

Kindred Spirits Adam Berry Parents

Junior and Sylvia Berry, Adam Berry’s immensely support his son’s work. His parents gathered their friends and family to watch the season finale and celebrated all of his successes with great pride.

Kindred Spirits Adam Berry Kids

Adam Berry together with Ben haven’t reported an adoption of any child as yet.

Kindred Spirits Adam Berry Body Measurements

Not much is reported on Adam Berry’s body measurements.

Kindred Spirits Adam Berry House And Lifestyle

Adam and Ben make pretty well for themselves to have a decent living.

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