Is Kristi Toliver Gay Or Married To Husband? Know Her Bio, Salary, Net Worth, Parents, Career

Kristi Toliver is an American professional basketball player of Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA).She is one of the player who has gave her more than one decade to the sports. She was drafted WNBA by Chicago Sky in the 2009. . Kristi Toliver is currently playing for the Washington Mystics.

Kristi Toliver Date Of Birth And Age

Kristi Toliver was born on 27th January 1987 in Harrisonburg, Virginia. She is 33 years old.Kristi is grown up in Virginia.

Kristi Toliver Parents

Kristi father name is George Toliver and her mother name is Peggy Toliver. Kristi’s father worked as a referee for National Basketball Association (NBA).

Kristi Toliver Siblings

Kristi Toliver has one younger brother Carli Toliver. Kristi has not shared any information about her brother.

Kristi Toliver Education Details

Kristi Toliver had graduated from Harrisonburg High School in 2005.After graduation she joined the University of Maryland.

Kristi Toliver Height And Weight

Kristi Toliver has an ideal height of 5feet 7 inches and complementing weight of 58kg as a player.

Kristi Toliver Eye Color And Hair Color

Kristi Toliver has beautiful dark brown eyes and black hair. She has a bright cute face with gorgeous simile.

Kristi Toliver Horoscope

Kristi has star sign Capricorn.

Kristi Toliver Nationality

Kristi has American and Slovakian nationality.

Kristi Toliver Sexual Orientation

Kristi Toliver is a Gay. Her sexual orientation is not confirmed this is assumption form rumors which are spared about the Kristi Toliver and her girlfriend relationship.

Kristi Toliver Ethnicity

Kristi Toliver has an American ethnicity.

Kristi Toliver Marital Status

Kristi is an unmarried woman but she not uploaded any current information about her material status yet.

Kristi Toliver Relationship And Dating History

There are some rumors that Kristi Toliver is in a gay relationship with her girlfriend.

Kristi Toliver Sport Career

Kristi Toliver had started her sports career in 2009.She started off by the Chicago Sky with WNBA in the WNBA draft. In 2010 she was traded to Los Angeles. Kristi hit a game against the Tulsa Shock in2013 and she also won the WNBA most Improved Player Award. Kristi got contracted with Sparks as a multi- year in 2017. She signed with the Washington Mystics and won against the phoenix 2018 she is the sparks franchise leader in three-point field goal percentage and free-throw percentage.

Kristi has also a full time assistant coach for Washington Wizard on October 16, 2018.

Kristi Toliver Net Worth

Kristi Toliver is a popular basketball player with net worth of $2million.Her salary is around $113.000 in 2018 and 115,000 in 2019 and from Washington Mystics Kristi Toliver earns her annual salary about $10,000.Her source of income is basket baller. Kristi wealth is increasing with her fame in sport.

Kristi Toliver Marriage Details

There are many rumors that Kristi Toliver has a girlfriend, as she was seen with a cute girl in most of her photos which she uploads on her social media accounts. The couple had seen together in many times looks like they are dating. Kristi Toliver fans take it that she is a gay. Kristi action have not contradicted these roumers.No other information about her relationship because she kept her personal life very secret. The latest information about her relationship is to be up dated as soon when Kristi reveals her secret.

Kristi Toliver Awards

Kristi Toliver won many award during her career as best basketball player. Her wards are:

  • WNBA Most Improved Player Award 2012.
  • WNBA championship of 2016, 2019.
  • All-WNBA second Team 2012.
  • WNBA All-Star 2013, 1018, 2019.
  • Russian National League2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.
  • Russian Cup Winner 2017.
  • Euro League Champion 2016,2018.EuroCup Winner 2013,2014.NCAA
  • Champion 2006.ACC Player of the Year2009.

Kristi Toliver House And Cars

There is just a little information about Kristi residence that she lives in Los Angeles. Kristi Toliver has not shared any information about her current address, house and car but to be up dated as soon as any information is uploaded by Kristi Toliver.

Kristi Toliver Appearance On Social Media

Kristi Toliver is very active personality on social media platform. She stands on Twitter with 18.1k followers, Facebook with 39.7k followers and Instagram with 26.3k followers. She always uploads her YouTube videos.

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