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Is Noah Centineo Married To Wife Or Dating Girlfriend? Know His Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth

Noah Centineo is thought to be just an average guy when we talk about Hollywood industry. He has a role as Jesus Foster in The Fosters. However, he has a good fan base on Instagram. He is in the news these days because of his expected love affair. His love affair is not the only reason of being him in the news, though. He has already appeared in TV series like The Assignment and the Austin & Ally and many more. He, however, earned much of his name from The Fosters.

Noah was also considered to be a gay. These were some rumours about his personal life. However, these rumours were burnt to ashes by the dating affair of Noah and Angeline Apple.

Noah Centineo Dating History

Noah was dating Angeline for more than a year. Angeline is the same actress who appeared in the Step-up Revolution. Their dating affair was not publicly announced by them but due to their posts and activity on social media, it was confirmed that they had been in a relationship. Later, Angeline revealed that she and Noah were dating for the whole 2016.

As of now, the relationship between Noah and Angeline seem to have ended. All this has happened quite silently and this fact was known to general public only when Peyton Meyer came up with the news that he is dating Angeline Apple. The disappearance of the photos of Noah and Angeline from all social media profiles also confirms that they are not dating these days.

Noah did not date any other lady after ending relationship with Angeline until the day when he got a role with Lana Condor in All The Boys I Loved Before. Noah had a romance on the screen with Lana and later on this on screen romance turned into real life rumours.

They both spent a lot of time going together everywhere and to gym. Most of the times they shared their photos on social media. Even then the dating only proved to be rumours when Noah and Lana said that they were only tremendous friends and nothing else was there. Their claim was proven true when Lana was seen dating Anthony De La Torre, the actor from Pirates of The Caribbean.

In May 2019, Noah again started a new relationship and his love life was seen to shape up. He started dating Alexis Ren in May 2019 but the news came to media only in September 2019. They were seen hugging each other when they met at the airport and then going out of the airport hand-in-hand. Although the news was public in September 2019 and they were seen like a beautiful couple meeting and hugging, neither of the celebrities confirmed their relation by themselves.

Noah Centineo Career Details

Just at the age of 23 years, no one can be expected to must have a perfect-bright career. Even then Naoh got a good amount of work in this little time in Hollywood. He has already made an impact from The Fosters. He also has earned reputation from the movie named All The Boys I Loved Before. He has further performed in many TV series such as The Assignment and Austin & Ally.

Noah Centineo Age

Noah’s birthday is 05 September 1996 and according to this information, he ages 23 years and 10 months as of today.

Noah Centineo Net Worth

Complete information about Noah’s net worth is not yet available from Noah side himself but a rough estimate can be made about his net worth to be $2 million.

Noah Centineo Parents

Gregory Vincent Centineo is the father of Noah Centineo while the name of his mother is Kellee Janel.

Noah Centineo Birthplace

Noah was born in Miami, Florida state of America.

Noah Centineo Body Measurements

Noah Centineo has a height figure of 6 feet and 1 inch. He has beautiful dark brown eyes and black hair.

Noah Centineo Dating History

After dating Angeline Apple and Alexis Ren in the past, Noah is now dating Lilly Collins as per the rumours. This is not an authentic news yet. It’s just a rumour till the date.

Noah Centineo Kids

Noah is currently single and has no kids yet.

Noah Centineo Cars And Houses

Noah is keeping some of his personal information a secret therefore, until now, he has not disclosed any information about his car(s) or house(s).

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