Is Rich Lewis Still on Mountain Men Show? Find Out More

Rich Lewis is a famous TV celebrity and a cat hunter as well. He was born and raised in Idaho, United States of America. He is known as Richard Lewis. His height is 5 feet 7 inches i.e. 170 cm. His eye color is blue and hairs are blonde in color. Rich is an American nationality holder and he is White in Ethnicity. He is popular for Mountain Men. However, there is no proper information available about his parents and siblings. His fans were also in mystery about his age as there are no details provided to the media about his birth date.

Rich Lewis Early Life

From early childhood, he was fond of mountains. He used to spend his time staying at the mountains for hours. He is always fascinated by the hills and their surroundings.

Rich Lewis Marriage Details

He was married to Diana Lewis. She was the only lady that accepted to stay away from the colorful world and decided to live in Montana. They spend over three decades with each other happily and still, they are going on with their relationship. They have spent a beautiful journey and they are on their way.

If we talk about their journey, Diana keeps on supporting her husband in every ups and down of life and she became the shield of her husband to keep him safe from any trouble. They have not revealed any information about their children but there is not any news about their divorce or separation. The beautiful couple is living in Montana for over 26 years and they are spending a blissful life.

Rich Lewis On Mountain Men

The world can’t forget Richard Levis as apart from choosing a fascinating and glamorous world, he chose cold mountains which he considers his whole world. Lewis is known to the world as a famous television personality by the series of Mountain Men which aired on the History Channel. In this show, he revealed the life of people who resides in mountains and survive hardly with their family. This show focuses on the bitter realities of life that how people use typical ways to survive and face real-life challenges. There are 8 seasons of Mountain Men and Rich Lewis started his career from 2nd season in the year 2013.

Lewis always likes to live in solitude and in a quiet place where only nature exists. His aptitude helped him a lot in casting the show. He started hunting at a very small age. So all these habits have made him expert in tracking the lions and other hounds in the series of Mountain Men. His role in the series is a lion tracker who tracks down lions and other animals on the mountain with his group of hounds.

Rich Lewis Career Details

Before casting in Mountain Men series, he was busy in the job of tracking mountain lions and his task is to remove the danger from the village. There he earned a lot of money and he became the beloved personality for the world. His services are remarkable and everyone appreciated him for his work. After that, Rich became quiet for so many years, people would be wondering that what will be his next step.

For Rich, his life is very dangerous and hilarious. He used to share his life’s experiences with her wife, family, and friends. Also, he keeps himself in self-isolation because he prefers nature more than being in touch with the magical world. He enjoys his life living with her wife in isolation in the Ruby Valley of Southern Montana. He often brings dinner for her glamorous wife by hunting elk most of the time.

Did Rich Lewis Actually Leave Mountain Men Show?

There are rumors on media that Rich has let the Mountain Show. People are shocked about the news that why he left the show. But, in fact, Rich has been absent from the show and there might be some reasons for this which he didn’t share with the media. He has got too much fame from the show and people want to know why he is absent after the 6th episode? In a report, Rich mentioned that he is too old now for this task. So, he needs to rest and wants to spend his life with his family. No one exactly knows what the exact reason for leaving the show is.

Rich Lewis Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Rich Lewis is $300,000 as of 2019. He has not revealed his salary from the television series publically. But he became the celebrity after casting in the show “Mountain Men” and his net worth started increasing after this show.

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