Is Street Outlaws Cast Ryan Martin Married Or Dating Secretly? Know His Net Worth

Ryan Martin was born on 5 September 1973 in Ohio, United States. He is of white ethnicity. Ryan Martin is a street racer, a reality star and is well known for his performances in the reality TV series “Street Outlaws” ( casts on Discover Channel) and being the co-owner of “B & R”. For racing, he uses cars modified himself. In childhood he used to train horses and worked on cars. His interests are racing, repairing, training, power lifting, drawing, music and photography. He loves working out in gym.

Ryan Martin Career Details

He is very new in his career publicly so there is less information available about him. He also competed in the Memphis race.
He is nowadays using a 2010 a 5th generation Fireball Camaro SS for racing. It has twin turbos. Apart from the show “Street Outlaws”, he races in “Big Chief”.

For Street outlaws, he once competed and won with Donn Gingrich. Being a car trainer, knows how to repair, he opened his own shop where he fixes with car parts and engines and he has done repair work for “Jackie Knox” too.

Ryan Martin Net Worth

Around $3 million which comes mostly from “Street outlaws”, endorsements, sponsorships and other sources.

Ryan Martin Nationality


Ryan Martin Marital Status

He got married to Alicia in 2006.They met at the gas station where Ryan used to work and they gradually became friends. Ryan was 18 at that time.

Ryan Martin Dating History

Not known. Some sources claim that he dated Jackie Braasch.

Ryan Martin Children

He has two sons Corbin and Covil.

Ryan Martin Body Measurements

Нe has a height of  1.76 m and a weight of  78 kg.

Is Ryan Martin Gay?

No, he is straight.

Ryan Martin Cars

He owns many expensive cars including Fireball Camaro.

Quick Facts About Ryan Martin

  • He loves to work, fears remaining average and is also obsessed with energy drinks like “Monster”.
  • He considers his mother as his best supporter.
  • He loves loud music especially by Lil Wayne, Elvis and Yo Gotti.
  • His movie favorites include Two-Lane Blacktop of 1971.

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