Is The Last Alaskans Cast Charlie Jagow Dead Or It Is A Rumour? Know His Age, Parents, Net Worth

He is 21 years old (as of May, 2020) and was born in 1998 in Fairbanks, Alaska. He grew up in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, in rustic cabin of his parents.

Charlie Jagow  Parents And Siblings

He was born to Dawn Jagow and father Paul M Jagow(Caucasian and Christian ethnicity, born in 1947) who are from New York City however they both met in Porcupine, Alaska. Paul is also known as Paul Malcolm and Paul Mjagow.

His sister’s name is Joanna who can race dogs(she has her own team of dogs) and also is a pediatrician being a nursing degree graduate now working at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. She loves dogs. Charlie is younger than her.

Charlie Jagow  Education Details

He attended Lathrop High School.

Charlie Jagow  Net worth

he has a net worth of $100,000. He has a private plane and can fly it himself being a pilot even in dangerous situations. His skills are highly appreciable.

About Charlie Jagow 

Charlie Jagow is well known as a youngest appearing on the show series “The Last Alaskans” on the Channel “Discovery” and wants to earn living from the wildlife. Earlier it used to appear on the Tv channel “Animal Planet”. In early childhood, he had been living in the bushes and running team of dogs and snowshoes.

People in the Arctic National Wildlife Refugee, Alaskans live in tragic, cold conditions just to survive and this show revolves around all this. He helps his guests in trapping wolves, lynx and other fur bears like Otter and Wolverine. These animals help produce best fur to be used in Mittens and parkers. He recently got his ANWR permit. These days Charlie has been trying to build his own cabin.

Charlie Jagow  Career Details

In beginning days of his career, he was working as an assistant guide and got trained by best guides who helped him get outfitters license in 2017. He worked for Sandy Jamieson who also was his mentor.

Later on he joined The Last Alaskans from 25 May, 2015. He has to collect enough meat for the winter and trap, train animals.
Nowadays he also works at the company Double Shovel Outfitters from 2018 as an Owner.

Charlie Jagow  Death Rumors

He and his family all are alive.

Charlie Jagow  Dating Or Married?

He is single and never dated according to his public information.

Charlie Jagow  Social Media Presence

He is not on any Social media website.

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